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  1. reymund77

    NewHampshire New to New Hampshire

    Hi, I'm from Singapore and will be travelling to somewhere around Lebanon, New Hampshire for work this coming Friday til 20th April and would have the weekend available. Can you advise me if there's any enduro / hare scrambler ride around that area and I can rent bikes / gears? Or if there's MX bike shop where I can shop for parts or MX apparels? I'm currently riding a 2010 KTM300EXC and 2006 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT, novice / beginner rider but would love to experience some off-road in US or watch some race if there's any during the weekend I'm there. Cheers
  2. reymund77

    Straightening the steering head

    loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamps and give it a light kick to the direction where its suppose to be and re-torque back...shld work
  3. reymund77

    2007 CRF 250 Engine Oil Replacement

    thanks for the link to the service manual of the 250R...any chance of lnks to 250X service manual would be appreciated?
  4. reymund77

    06 CRF250X clutch cable routing

    thanks for the clarification.....any picturial or description of how the clutch cables for the X are routed?.....currently it goes behind the number board on the right, infront of the top clamp and down together with the throttle cables which has a "hook" on the right to secure the cables and then down across the cylinder behind the header pipe and below the carb into the actuator lever.....hope I get them rite.....if yes, next is new cables and a stock X perch to try out...now on generic perch and the angle might cause some issue I guess
  5. reymund77

    06 CRF250X clutch cable routing

    Hi all....had the above bike but the clutch on the X was stiff that I get arm pump after riding 30minutes(not sure if I route them correctly as I bought the bike used)....had cable lubed the clutch with WD40......my mate that tried my bike comments the same when we swop over to his 09 KTM450EXCF wif magura (brilliant soft clutch feel)......I've seen the CRF250R clutch cable routing that goes down on the left and wonder will that helps (I've waiting for a used R clutch cables on ebay to try it out).......currently my X is routed from the right side on the cylinder instead and seems to get caught with the throttle cables etc on the frame...a picture of how u guys run your X cables would be brilliant cos I can't find a decent pic on Clymer's service manual Almost on the verge of going Rekluse if I still can't get the clutch and rid the arm pump but thats too much $$$ to spend for me as I'm jus a leisure weekend trail rider
  6. reymund77

    kdx 200 or 220

    For tight single track trail....I would get the KDX220 anytime....
  7. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    Thanks Dr Mark for ur prompt reply......will do as per ur advise to up protein and calcium intake accordingly Well, guess the only thing I nvr tell u was I've been slacking on the stationary bike and doing only twice per week for 30min per session which is much much lower then what you recommended of 1hr daily
  8. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    I've went to seek another dr specialising in sports....he mentioned that my musles are weak and lacking potassium...told me to eat more apples and bananas and my muscles cramps will go away..... And to proceed with bone graft operation to speed up healing Dr Mark, whats your comment on that?
  9. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    Dear Dr Mark, its been almost 12 weeks since my op...jus came back with an xray and doc said the bones are still non union and schedule me for bone grafting operation 1 month from now. Also, I've been having muscles cramp and sharp pain from my injured leg since last week with them coming and going anytime of the day......my doc suspect its infection and took my blood sample and awaits for results next week....the pain is so bad that I've need to use 2 clutch and not let the injure leg bear any weight, straighten it or flex the muscles....things jus look like going downhill for me or shld I start looking for another doc?......getting impatient......too bad I dun live in Houston and Singapore is missing talents like you here
  10. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    Thanks Dr Mark for the quick reply....what are the complications for such long screws as its clearly seen protruding off the bones....will be skipping the anti inflamatroies and antibiotics pills now since I also getting tired of popping so much tablets after meals...good to know some are not so necessary anymore. Thanks alot Doctor
  11. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    Dear Dr Mark, x-ray pics taken today after the operation on 19th May 2007.....doc is giving me the following medicine to be consume for around 6 weeks - serratiopedtidase tab 5mg, 2 tablets, twice a day (inflammatory) - Ferrous Fumarate Tab 200mg, 2 tablets, twice a day (iron) - Calcium 450mgwith Vitamin D tab 200iu, 2 tablets, once a day (calcium) - ascorbic acid tab 100mg, 2 tablets, twice a day (Vit C) - Ciprofloxacin Tab 500mg, 1 tablet, twice a day (antibotic) - glucosamine sulphate 628mg with chondroitin sulphate 500mg, 1 tablet, twice a day (Glucon) Doc advised me to only bear 20% of weight on injured leg and rest more, walk less so as not to aggrevate the wound....but I see my muscles shrinking daily and its getting so obvious now that its worrying I hope I can get back my leg and movement quick so I can be back on a bike riding/racing....hope you can offer some advise...at current rate, how long more you expect this can happen with me back riding in the woods?
  12. reymund77

    Subtrochanteric Fracture

    Dear Dr Mark, Doctor locally had diagnosed me with the above type of fracture (hip bone smash and tigh bone fracture-very near to hip bone) I was riding in the woods locally and slammed onto a tree when my throttle just go berserk and fail to close, it all happen to fast and its a tight trail so less then a second and I'm down with my hip/tigh slamming onto the tree missing my bike instead On the day it happened which is last Sat, they drilled a metal rod across my shin to "stabilize" my leg prior to the operation on Sunday. After the operation, everything was good as claim by the doc. But its coming to a week, my tigh is still very much swollen and I can't lift it off the bed.I'm also suffering low blood count of 7 due to lost of blood but my body rejetted the transfusion they gave me couple of days before...so its just iron tablets and trying to get another closer blood match for me Can you advise anything I can do to heal faster and base on your experience, how long will it takes for me to be back on a bike again?
  13. reymund77

    Rehab for thumb sprain

    Hi all, found a good deal of information when i did a search on the above injuries I've got when I fell off my XR on the asphalt recently....went to the doc to get my x-ray done and good thing is there's no fracture....I've probably landed on my thumb/hand and the bike got my ankle I've since understand the way to get my ankle in better shape reading thru Dr Mark advise as well as rest of the bro here..and its sure working for me wif those stretching, light excersize and the balancing thing for the ankle Now is my thumb....again, no fracture, it swelled real bad but subside after a few days....its something like wat bro here mention...skier thumb/gamekeepers thumb but its been a month...and it still hurts....is there any excersize I can do to speed things up just like my ankle? my thumb can't reach the base of the last finger and I feel pain/sore at the knuckle of thumb whenever I do that....nor can it be pulled/lift all the way back like the other thumb and same pain at the knucle area again...I will massage the base of the thumb as mentioned by some bro here and it sure helps abit...but getting abit inpatience with the recovery since my ankle has more or less got better but its the thumb thats holding me back from getting back to trail riding....its the 2nd time this happened and the 1st time was last year and doc here made a splint for me...but I stupidly threw it off after it healed completely as a celebration / taboo thing...now I regret it...will putting on the splint after 1 mth helps in the healing?....I still can't loosen a bottle drink caps with my injured thumb after 1 mth....any help will be much appreciated
  14. hi folks, any idea where can i get the Talon hub spacer for my 98 WR400F?...been searching ard ebay and yahoo to no avail.