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  1. WannaRide

    Carb re-install advice?

    Loosen or remove the bolts that hold the airbox to the subframe. This will give you some playroom to wiggle the boot onto the carb. Once on, reattach airbox and you're done.
  2. WannaRide

    Need new or rebuilt

    I highly recommend AS Racing. They have repaired a couple of my CRFs. Once was for a top end (piston, rings, and valves) and the other time was for a complete rebuild (crankshaft, cylinder, piston, valves, etc.) when the decompression spring broke and destroyed the engine. They do good work at a reasonable price and provided exceptional customer service. You deal directly with the owners.
  3. WannaRide

    How long have you had your X?

    I bought my bike brand new in March 2004. I replaced the tires, fork seals, piston, rings, valves and batttery. With basic maintenance, the bike still runs great.
  4. WannaRide

    Recommend repair shop for CRF250X LA/OC?

    Another vote for as racing. Paul just worked on my bike last week, it was his first job at his new shop in Canyon Country.
  5. WannaRide

    transmission oil

    Yes, you can use HP 80w/85w trans oil. I've used it for years on my X. Don't use an oil with molly in the transmission, it will cause your clutch to slip.
  6. WannaRide

    2000 XR100 Engine oil and quantity?

    1 quart Honda GN4 10w-40, good and reasonably priced.
  7. WannaRide

    250x rapid Idle when hot

    I had the same problem when I first got my bike. I changed to a 42 pilot jet and the problem went away.
  8. WannaRide

    CRF250X vs CRF250R

    I owned both the R and the X (2004). On the X, I have the following modifications: JD jetting w/ airbox cut, Hot Cams Stage 1 and full R exhaust system. The only mods to the R are a powerbomb header and FMF Q muffler. Power-wise, even with the mods, I would say the R has a slight advantage over the X. The R seems to accelerate harder, but this is probable do to the close ratio transmission. X has more low end and climbs hills better. Top speed on both bikes are about the same. For suspension, the R is better on big hits and landings, whereas, the X is more supple over small bumps. The gas tank on the X is wide and forces your legs out. The R, even with a 3.0 gallon tank, is narrower and is a lot easier to move around on. The R is lighter and feels lighter when riding. The X has electric start. Both bikes are outstanding. If the R had electric start, I think I would be in heaven!
  9. WannaRide

    top speed of the crf250x

    One day on a dry lake bed with a very strong tail wind, I recorded 86 mph on my trail tech computer. However, when I turned around and was going into the wind, the bike topped out at 59 mph. The speed was greatly affected by the wind. Typically, top speed is about 72 mph.
  10. WannaRide

    Best Desert Tank for crf250r

    I got the Clarke 3.0 gallon tank that was on the bike when I bought it, so I can't compare it the stock tank, but I do know for a fact that it is much narrower than the stock tank on the X.
  11. WannaRide

    jd jetting..

    I ride in the So Cal deserts, like you, and just followed JD's instructions. I used the 158 main, 42 pilot, red needle on 5th clip, air screw at approx. 2 turns out. This is with the airbox cut and baffle drilled with 1/2" opening. Best mod I ever made.
  12. WannaRide

    rad braces

    Get the Flatland rad braces. I have the Flatlands on my X and my son his the Devols on his R. He had a simple tip-over on the side of a hill and smashed his radiator with the Devol guards. The Flatlands are much sturdier and provide a lot more protection from front and side impacts.
  13. WannaRide

    What Tires For SoCal Desert

    Well, it's time for some new tires. I ride in the SoCal desert at places like Johnson Valley, El Mirage and Stoddard Wells. I'm a recreational rider and do not race. I'm looking for a long lasting tire that works well in the desert. For the front, I'm leaning towards either a Dunlop 756 or 952. On the rear, it's between a Dunlop 952 or a Maxxis Desert IT. What do you think? Thanks.
  14. WannaRide

    Gas Tank

    I haven't run the 3.0 gallon tank dry, but I'm guessing at least 75 miles in the desert on a full tank of gas. The CR85 runs out of gas way before the CRF250R or X does.
  15. WannaRide

    Gas Tank

    I have the Clarke 3.0 gallon tank which was on the bike when I bought it. So, I can't compare it to the stock tank, but I can tell you that the Clarke tank is a lot skinnier and provides a more comfortable riding position than a stock X gas tank.