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    2009 CRF450 owner's poll

    "All the time" sounds bad. I have experienced the false neutral between 3rd and 4th, on this bike and the 07, but found the problem was always worse when the shifter tip spring is worn, causing the shifter to vibrate & feel less positive, making it susceptible to perturbations (usually on jump faces which produce large G forces, sadly). The stock shifter seems to have a very weak spring for the folding tip. Might be worth trying a new one if yours looks a bit dodgy. Could be the less expensive option! Win929
  2. Yes, very stiff clutch pull, even when new. I transferred my Magura hydraulic lever from my 07 450 to the 09, and have never looked back. You'll have the lightest clutch pull of anyone. It is amazing, durable, and fully rebuildable if it all goes pear-shaped. cheers, Win929
  3. win929

    2009 CRF450 owner's poll

    I'm 75 kg and race most weekends. I'm at 28 hours and I really am comfortable on the bike and happy with it. I kept the fork spring but softened the shock spring and re-valved/shimmed both ends to suit. I made similar suspension mods to my 05 crf250 and 07 crf450, so nothing new. I am running an "HRC" spec map which improved performance noticeably. No different (really) than the jetting kit I put in my 07. I turned up the idle and this cured stalling in turns and brings better response off the bottom. My pin didn't break, but I had the free replacement. I've replaced the clutch springs and metal plates once so far. Mine starts on the third lazy kick every time. I always use the knob to start cold. I have one (new) complaint maybe someone can help with. Missed shifts, especially on starts - I can't get from 2nd to 3rd (I start in 2nd). This has happened in my last 3 starts. I've never encountered this problem before. The shift lever is fine, the boots are fine (not new). Yesterday all three of my starts went like this: 2nd 2nd 2nd (!) first turn, but then, everything seems to work fine after that! If anyone else is having a problem like this please let me know. Cheers, win929