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  1. Plan "A" = Buy my wife a 2005 crf150 and then me a 250 or 450 when her's is paid off to ride with her. ........unfortunatly, she's so damn short that she couldn't (or wouldn't) deal with the weight of the bike and couldnt kickstart the damn thing to save her life....(i had fun driving up a trail to find her walking and cussing out her bike).... figures the 2006 comes with an electric start.... so i had to go to make a Plan "B" Plan "B" = Purchase my wife a Yamaha ttr125LE with the electric start and then ride the 150 long enough to get rid of it without loosing my shorts. ........ well surprisingly, its not that bad of a bike. She loves her little yamaha (though we'll probably end up making it faster later...big bore kit, exhaust, jets...etc.) The 150 seems to keep up with her just fine even with my fat ass on it. 6'1, 250. Granted i look a bit big on it, but i plan on getting some springs from BBR and then later maybe different bars, 428 chain, and exhaust. Its a fun little toy. Not sure if I'm going to go bigger or not. If i were to get a 250 or 450...... I'd just end up leaving the wife in the dust (not a good idea). I'd recommend this bike to anyone....just not short little wives who've never ridden before.