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  1. Run the high test, and if you are on a long trip or just doing a top up use regular if ya wanna save a buck. Since I started running the ethanol, I've have my petcock and float needles start leaking. Don't know if it was due to the ethanol or not, but I just feel better running good old fashioned gasoline. I also ran regular in my other vehicles for a while and the catalitic (sp?) converter plugged in my 89 Cheeroke, and my 09 Golf, so they get the high test now too!
  2. Awesome Craigo, thanks for the info! I've been digging for a couple hours now and it's confusing with the different carbs and kits and mods out there. Can't wait to get this puppy on!
  3. Jetting seems straight forward. But then there is the o-ring mod, the AP mod, and the coast enricher mod. Are these needed? And is there and parts that need cleaned or replaced as regular maintenance?
  4. So I got a FCR 39 from an 03 400E that I'm going to put on my S. Is there anything I should do to it/check before I put it on or just leave it stock?
  5. Wicked, thanks! 1.5hps ain't bad for an easy mod like that. Hmmmmmm...
  6. So, I got the head off my bike now and I'm trying to figure out if I want to go 1 layer or 3 on my base gasket. I'm going to be using E cams and a FCR39, and I'm debating pulling the cylinder and removing 1 layer and the spacer. One thing is I want my bottom end to last as long as possible, but I'm curious to know how it will affect the power curve. Does anyone have any dyno information on the matter?
  7. So I got the suspension beat right out of her and I need to replace EVERYTHING that pivots in the rearend. My bolts seem OK with no grooves in them but I need all bearings and seals. The kits don't mention any part numbers so I want to be sure. Will these kits cover all the bases? I can grab my rear shock and twist it side to side. Is this what I need to eliminate that? And this one will do my swingarm and cush link? Or can anyone recomend anything better? Thank you, Colpitts
  8. How much work is it to mount an E tank onto a SM?
  9. Spin your throttle so the cables come off the bottom of the bars instead of the top
  10. Rattles I've had over the years: Skid plate. I like to take mine off every year to clean it out good and put new screws in Pasenger foot pegs My exhaust hitting my rear spring (stripped mounting bolt) My exhaust where the head pipe goes into the midpipe (needed a pipe clamp) Timing chain
  11. Looks awesome! What headlight and fender is that?
  12. Wicked! Thanks Noble!
  13. I know about the major ones, but would like to know about all of them right down to every last detail. Just found out about the decomp port on the E head and stiffer springs in the S but I'm sure there are more. I also read that the wheelbase is longer on the S model but don't know if it's true or not. Not really looking to start a new thread, but I just figured someone had them all listed somewhere. I was surprised it's not a sticky! I got an 05 S and a 03 E
  14. There must be a thread hare that lists ALL the differences between the two but I can't find it. I've got a S model and just picked up an E for parts. I'd like to keep the best of everything and sell the rest. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. K, well, if not we will chuck muck at some point this summer!