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  1. my 04 CRF250R
  2. She's in Vegas right now riding the Aprilia femmoto.
  3. Been to a few of Darricks schools and i highly recommend you sign up.
  4. Sunday 10/01 7am PST http://www.mediazone.com/channel/motocross/2006/jsp/supermoto.jsp $14.99 for 2.5 to 3 hours of SM racing
  5. Throw those 208's in the trash Get some conti force sm tires
  6. foot out, leaving black stripes in every corner
  7. Click on SMJ and hit F5
  8. I rode a XR650R supermoto 30 miles RT everyday for 3.5 years and beat the living crap out it on the weekends. Sold it in march with 24,000 miles on the clock and it still runs great
  9. wanna buy a akrapovic titanium full system? fits 03-04 crf450r
  10. i know about the full suit thing overthere. when Mark, Karl, Andy and Kevin from VD were here they told me. it's lighter and good protection and great when 90+ degees at the track.
  11. been down in the TLD gear a few times....it worked pretty damn good
  12. it's called Troy Lee supermoto gear
  13. Darrick Thanks for letting me ride the Aprilias yesterday