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  1. rcifs

    What will your next bike be?

    I'm replacing my (2nd) DRZ with a 2013 KTM 500exc.
  2. rcifs

    Pricing on 2013 KTM 500 EXC

    I just put money down on a 2013. $9499. plus fees and taxes. Right around $9999. out the door here in NJ. Good luck.
  3. rcifs

    DRZ Clutch Cover interchangability?

    +1. It'll fit.
  4. rcifs

    Speedo cable that doesn't last

    The S and SM speedo drives are different internally.
  5. rcifs

    Why so many haters.....

    I have a DRZ, a Buell and a Harley. Amazes me that people get so upset about things like that.
  6. rcifs

    Red Light on Instrument cluster...

    High coolant temperature indicator. Make sure your coolant is topped off. If you can't remember when you changed it last, change it. If you ran the bike with the light on for a while, I'd change the oil too... Good luck.
  7. rcifs

    400s vs 400e plastic

    I have black Acerbis plastics (E specific) on my SM. Trimming the rear fender is very easy. Just compare it to the stock fender, make a few marks and start cutting. All the places you will trim are out of sight when the fender is installed. Good luck!
  8. rcifs

    How-to: Twin PIAA headlight Install

    Great writeup! Thanks. Are you happy with them?
  9. rcifs

    Is this a good deal on a subframe??

    I sold my extra for $100.
  10. rcifs

    On-bike GoPro mounting points

    I have a mount on the front fender right under the headlight. My favorite view is the chest mount.
  11. rcifs

    Speedo ~ SM wheels on a S

    Just swap the speedo drive when you swap the wheels and you'll be fine.
  12. rcifs

    Tire Change

    MUCH harder sidewall. It's going to take some effort.
  13. rcifs

    Rear Hub 2000 DRZ

    Just watch the classifieds here, craigslist and ebay.
  14. rcifs

    Rear Hub 2000 DRZ

    If the bearings drop right in, the hub is shot.