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  1. It doesnt sound like a clutch problem to me. It sounds more like in gears or shift forks.
  2. They bugged me enough to swap my lens for a standard no fog.
  3. I work in a body shop and we have always used double side tape on emblems. Be sure you get all the old glue or tape off the emblem first. Also be careful when taking off the old tape, some times it will peel the baking off the emblem that makes it black or chrome when you look at it from the front. A heet gun will help.
  4. I bought a pair of fly 805s to use and trash and keep my gaernes for racing. To be honest the flys have held up for 2 years and are pretty comfy. At least my gaernes still look new.
  5. Mine turns to. I dont think it changes the low speed damping when you turn the high speed.
  6. Ive got an FMF powercore4 with the stock head pipe on mine. Its better than stock, but if I had it to do over again, I would buy the q series. Just a little quiter.
  7. You are my hero!
  8. Practical or not, I would buy one! Also remeber we used to have 3 professional classes and 'LITES' was NOT for up and comers.
  9. I dont know about the db, but if I had it to do over I would buy the q series. My powercore isnt that loud but I wish it was a little softer.
  10. The 18 rear wheel will do nothing for the seat height or gearing. The overall height is about the same. The reason guys are running it is they are supposed to be more flat resistance. I have rode them both and honestly cant tell a differance.
  11. Put a zip tie around the lever overnight and then try bleeding it. I spent about 3 hours on mine and couldt get it, then I tried the zip tie and it worked for me. If my bike is going to set for a few days I will zip tie it.
  12. Johnny Omara Ithink it was 1984:thumbsup:
  13. GREAT POINT!!! Why make things more complicated than they need to be? FI will NOT make more hp if your carb is right, but it will make it work better over a wider range of alt & temp. And to play devils advocate I DO like air cooled bikes & dual shocks!!!