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  1. Before or after i go riding i listen to: FLAW Five Bolt Main Smile Empty Soul Avenged Sevenfold Disturbed Megadeth Metallica Prong-Snap your fingers Crazytown
  2. Yes.450fs run with 250 and 250fs in the 125 class.
  3. If interested,I can be reached at 402-984-9872.
  4. It would have to be MC's 01 YZ250.
  5. Anybody need one ticket for the SX in St Louis?I have one ticket left that I'd sell at face value with a pit pass.I paid $47,so that's what I need out of it.Anyone interested pm me.
  6. North County Yamaha.
  7. Brake cleaner or ether and a rag.
  8. I ran DID and AFAM sprockets on my 250f.Awesome combo.
  9. Snap on Tools.They make one that is about .25" wide.Costs about $10.
  10. I'm actually in Hastings.About an hour to Friend or 1.5 to Lincoln.I usually go west to ride,but I need a change.I guess I never have had the opportunity to woods ride or trail ride.If and when there's ever a hare scramble or something of the like around NE I'd love to try it.
  11. Friend has a mx track located about three miles east of town and about 7 south.It's a pretty decent track,some doubles,triples and tables,the step down is the biggest jump on the it out.It's too bad none of you guys never come out here further west,I can't ever find anyone willing to go riding.You guys ride all the time it seems.:worthy:Anyone hear anything about the track in Bee yet?That still is my all time favorite track in NE.The only thing about riding out here is that pretty much the only places to ride are MX tracks,there aren't any trails.I gather that you guys ride trails more than tracks?I'd kill to find a pasture to do some free riding.
  12. I always just spray brake cleaner on a rag and wipe it out.Works great for me.I clean the filter with gas,oil it with Maxima FFT,and use BelRay grease on the sealing ring,and I use either a UNI or TwinAir filter,which ever is clean.
  13. Any of you guys ever make it down to Friend to ride?I think I'm heading that way tomorrow morn.
  14. I have Zing graphics on my bike and I love them.They were easy to put on,and I had them before on my old KX and they hold up really well.I had N-style do my backgrounds and airbox decals,though.Everything else is Zing.
  15. Sorry guys,I hate to come in and dump on your parade but I hate them.I bought a pair and I couldn't even fit them in my helmet.I have a Fox Pro Pilot,and the bottom half of them is too large to fit into my helmet.They didn't even fit my face outside of the helmet.I was bummed,because after I ordered them and got them,they were a pretty bad ass goggle.Just wouldn't fit.I sent them back and got a pair of Oakley Crowbars.They are the best goggle I have ever worn period.They fixed the nose pinching problem they had in the past and I couldn't even get them to fog when I tried.I should've known better than straying away from Spy or Oakley.I strongly recommend the Crowbars if anyone has been trying to decide whether or not to buy them.