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  1. dcleball

    Increasing fuel pressure on 2013 CRF250R

    Is that only done to increase pressure to the gas tank above the stock pressure settings? The owners manual is not very descriptive. It looks like some kind of maintenance item that you do when you replace the fuel pump filter in the owners manual.
  2. I owned a 2005 CRF250R and did all the work on the bike. I just bought a 2013 CRF250R and the fuel injection is creating a new challenge. I don't have the service manual yet but the owners manual talks about increasing fuel pressure which I assume is after completely removing the fuel tank. To get the fuel pressure up, they use a battery harness and adapter and a 12 volt battery. Where can you buy the battery harness and adapter? Has anyone done this before that can offer a few pointers? Any help appreciated.
  3. dcleball

    Looking to buy 2013 RMZ 450 but have some conerns

    Thanks for the info. Pro Action is out of Beaver Falls, PA. Everyone we know who has one has said the love the bike. With the $600 rebate and zero percent financing, its a deal I don't want to pass up for another brand that isn't any better. I know their are die hards fans everywhere but I've owned bikes from each of four Japanese brands. Each have pluses and minuses. I rode this bike at the dealer and the bike was awesome. I think I'm sold.
  4. When reading all the reviews, you wonder why their are some many different opinions. One concern which may not have much merit but I have to ask, do the bolts strip easy on the Suzuki's vs other brands? I had a 2008 Kaw 450 and I thought bolts would strip easy if you weren't careful. Do you think the suspension would work for a rider 215lbs who rides mostly weekend motocross? The riding is practice only not racing. If not, I could have the springs setup at local suspension shop. (Pro Action or PR2). Any opinions helpful.
  5. When you installed the screws, how did you torque them down?
  6. The torx screws that hold the bearing for the crankshaft are to be torqued to 14 lbf-ft. This seems high when most torque screwdrivers go to about 65 in lbs. What tool did anyone else use to torque these screws? Also, I can't find many tips on how to make sure the gears are put back correctly. Any advice appreciated.
  7. dcleball

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    Did you also replace the cam chain when you replaced the tensioner? My chain is about 3 months old with 40 hours on the chain.
  8. dcleball

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    Has anyone had any problems with their chain tensioner. The reason I asked is because I had a problem with my kx450f not starting. I needed some other work needed to be done other than the starting problem so I took the bike to a local mechanic. The mechanic said the bike jumped time. I assume it was for a stretched cam chain. He replaced the chain. He also adjusted my valves. Since the mechanic worked on my bike, I didn't check the valves (work was done in August). Recently the bike was getting hard to start so I thought the valves needed adjusted. When I was checking the valves, I noticed the timing chain was one tooth off. Also, the left exhaust was .016 and should be around .008. I have two possible conclusions. One is the bike still started one tooth off because it was hard to start since getting the bike back from the mechanic and has gotten harder to start recently due to the weather OR the bike jumped time again which I would have to say could be caused by a weak chain tensioner. Any thoughts?
  9. dcleball

    front cam chain guide

    the guide didn't bother me until I put the head on and I could still pull the guide out. although, I didn't see where the guide would be locked into place when the head was installed.
  10. dcleball

    front cam chain guide

    I just changed my piston and rings and when I installed the cylinder head, I noticed the front cam chain guide can be removed with the cylinder head on. Is this correct? I believe the front guide on a Honda can't be removed with the head installed. Help appreciated.
  11. dcleball

    08 450F chain tensioning bolt

    Did you ever get the bolt out? My right side botl broke off. I will be calling a repair shop to see if they can drill out the hole and retap.
  12. I had an oil leak on the right side on my 2008 KX450F. I thought the problem was a gasket between the right side crankcase cover and the inner clutch cover. After replacing the gasket I noticed drainage coming from the drainage outlet passage just under the water pump. When you get drainage from this outlet passage, the shop manual says to replace both the oil seals and bearings. Are the bearings and seals in this inner clutch cover or are the seals in both the inner clutch cover and the right side crankcase cover? Also, are these easy to change? The manual says the bearings need pressed in with a bearing driver set. Do you need a bearing driver set or can they be pressed in easier another way? Any help appreciated.
  13. dcleball

    Destroyed lifter

    The cam is a Hot Cam which is black. The wear marks appear to be different colors but they are reflections from the lighting. I am concerned because my son either ran the bike more than I knew about which would have caused the lack of oil OR I have a problem with the oil lines or pump. Any suggestions on checking the oil lines or pump?
  14. dcleball

    Valve seat & valve stem seal

    I am buying a new head for a crf250r. are the valve seat and valve stem seals easy to install? also, do the valve guides come installed on a new head?
  15. dcleball

    Destroyed lifter

    Oil starved makes the most sense. I believe there was enough oil in the bike but, this happened at the end of a long day of riding.