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  1. steve crf

    What year bike to buy?

    i have an 05 and love it, been on the 09 and the big differents is the power, you never have a kick, the 07 is less of a kick than the 06 or 08 and you can still find new 07 at a good price. so i would go with the 07. but if money is there the 09 power is so easy. hope i have help
  2. steve crf

    spring size

    how can i tell my spring size in my forks? on my calipers it reads .202 in what is that in .44 lbs thanks
  3. steve crf

    leg trouble for yz250 05

    i back off the comp. all the way to 18 out and it did help but still will not bottom, i am jumping off a five foot ramp to flat with my crf450r it fells good but with my yz250 it fells stiff. thanks for your help
  4. steve crf

    leg trouble for yz250 05

    i just got this 05 yz250 with less than 10 hours on it but the forks are stiff, like they will not bottom with my 210 lbs is that normal ? is there a fix without sending them off ? thanks for the help
  5. steve crf

    steahly vs GYTR weights

    so i am leaving my crf450r for an yz250, at 45 i will mostly be riding in the woods. so what weight is best? the steahly add a spacer for the cover but is easy to put on, the gytr needs a puller but fits. i am going for the 11oz where is the best place to buy for price? thanks for your help
  6. steve crf

    how to check compression

    the piston and rings went on great, can you have it out 180 if the dot is line up? thanks for your help
  7. steve crf

    how to check compression

    thanks for your help, i miss the days of two-stoke. i have good spark, new plug. i shot some starter fluid thought the carb, all i got was a pop. the timing is right on the dot, should it be a little before the dot? ::
  8. steve crf

    how to check compression

    i have a 2005 crf250r and would not start so i check the valves ex. .011 and .010 in. .005 and .004 so i replace the piston and rings. still will not start. please help
  9. steve crf

    big boy

    what is the best way to get more power out of my crf250r 2005? i am 45 and 213 lbs thanks for the info
  10. steve crf

    new head or not

    it sounds like i would be better off with an 06 and keep it stock but what else do i need to do to finish off my 05 450. i mean it that all just put in new valves and ride?
  11. steve crf

    new head or not

    so when i get the new head, all i have to do is put new valves in right?
  12. steve crf

    new head or not

    so what kind of shape was your old head in?
  13. steve crf

    new head or not

    that sounds good to get the 07 head but do i need to are is that over kill because the old head will work just as good.
  14. steve crf

    new head or not

    i have a 2005 crf450r with about 125 hours just reshim with 1.55 and 1.50 for the intake, ex. was fine. my question is should i buy a new head or just replace the valves when they 0 out again. or do i keep shimming it till i have no smaller shims left then new head and valves. thanks
  15. steve crf

    replacing ex. guides

    so lose guides will cause the valves to last half the time. and i have over 120 hours now. so 60 hours sounds good to me with out the new head.