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  1. Anyone know if any honda CR250 parts will work on this bike. I.E. top end piston, rings, .....
  2. I Have The Alpinestar 1 Piece For My Roadracing. Anyone Tried The Joe Rocket Sm Suit??? Thinking Of Getting It..
  3. LEATHER 1 piece is the only way to go.. went down at around 70MPH on a Roadracing course.. bike on top of me slid for about 20yards (bike still on top of me) just scared up the alpinestar and my brush/hand guard up a little.. Leather is definetly the best way to go... HOT AS HELL but worth it.
  4. I agree with the above comment about converting a MXer into a street legal motard.. I have a YZ450F that is converted and is also street legal (sorta) it is registered (easy for me because i work for YAMAHA and we register bikes here). AWESOME on the streets but it does suck on the freeway. NO GAS GAUGE and running out of gas is easy. Those big carbs opened up im good for about 25 miles to a tank or some.. Of hard riding.. But damn nothing is any more fun..
  5. Hey i live in Little Rock.. Not to far from Memphis. have the Only motor street legal around here.. ITS A BLAST!!!!! YZ450F
  6. How do you get one?? For SM racing..
  7. Thats A Sexy Bike
  8. Which Is The Better Motard Bike And Why?? Oppinons.. I Have A Yz450 And Thinking Of Selling It To Get The 525 Smr... Any Thoughts?? Power Diffrences If Any..?
  9. I Have An M4 Full Titanium Exhaust, Am Running U4.. Thinking Of Doing The Cams Next And About To Do Some Air Box Mods.. Anyone Done Cams, What Can I Expect??
  10. Any suggestions?? Want tons of power. But still was reliablity. Cams? Bore? Intake? Fuel. Up for suggestions.
  11. i blew my head gasket the first time i road it on the street. But had it tapped out at around 115mph (yz450f with 16/37 gearing).. Just dont dog it.
  12. I live in Arkansas and am competing in the CMRA circuit in SM and Sportbikes.. But the tracks are not motard tracks. pavement only were are some more tracks anywhere around the arkansas area? Any other Arkansan's in here??
  13. Thought it was a CRF but someone said something about nice yamaha, was wondering about the frame... BAD @$$ bike..
  14. that does sound pretty easy... I races motoX for a long time and thats basicly the same concept.. we shall see.. Thanks for the info..
  15. Crf450r???