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  1. deblaw2232

    05 RMZ 450 spark arrestor

    I believe that the 05 RMZ 450 stock pipe has no spark arrestor. If so, what brand/model do you recommend? My criteria--cheaper the better as long as it works, lasts, and get me past the occasional cop or BLM official who could ticket me!
  2. deblaw2232

    Spark arrestor

    Sorry for the dumb question, but to keep from getting a ticket on the trails--My 06 RMZ 450 has the stock pipe on it (I believe). I assume it does not have a spark arrestor? If I've assumed right, is there a recommended/preferred add on spark arrestor or setup to consider?
  3. I just got an 06 RMZ 450 (used). Took it out for the first ride--very fun, especially compared to my 03 Yamaha WR 450. I'm 6'4" and 200 lbs. So, on the WR, I got a rear Race Tech stiffer spring, and after setting the sag, etc., the seat height was raised at least a few inches, which felt better to me because of my height. I was thinking about doing the same thing with the RMZ, but according to Race Tech's website, the stock spring is about right for my weight. Will adjusting the stock spring give me that couple inches of extra height?
  4. deblaw2232

    Got an 03 WR450. Opinion on the 05 CR 450?

    Why buy the Honda? Because of the price, and I need another bike now for a buddy coming to town to replace my other backup bike that has crapped out. I'm not interested in which bike is faster--I just want a reliable back up and one for when a buddy comes to town.
  5. I've got an 03 WR450. I recall back when the Honda 2003 CR450s were having lots of valve problems. I have a chance to pick up a Honda 05 CR 450 for a good price. While not a WR, I know, do they still have valve issues or other things that should discourage me from picking it up? Same question for the 2006 CR 450?
  6. deblaw2232

    05 RMZ 450 questions

    I live about 15 minutes from Apex, actually. Haven't been out there for a year or 2. Gotta improve on that!
  7. deblaw2232

    05 RMZ 450 questions

    I'm hoping to pick up a used 05 RMZ 450 here in the next week or so. Before I pull the trigger though on the purchase, I was hoping to get some feedback on the bike in general. I've received lots of help over the years from the Yamaha forum guys here for my 03 WR 450. There were issues that bike, such as the starter, etc., that everyone pretty much overcome, with the help of this forum, along with "free mods" to really uncork it and get it running right. I'm looking for the same kind of advice here. Things to look for specific to the 05 RMZ 450, if any, etc. Thanks in advance--any help would be appreciated!
  8. deblaw2232

    carb issue--gas leaking out the drain

    Well, how about this--turns out the idle adjust knob was way too far in, holding the throttle open. Of course I don't figure this out until I've taken the carb off, apart, etc and start messing around with it because I don't find gas in the floats, the floats adjusted wrong, gunk in the carb, or anything wrong with the needle, etc.
  9. deblaw2232

    carb issue--gas leaking out the drain

    Will give it a try. I forgot to post, it's a 2003 WR 450.
  10. Got a carb issue. When I turn the gas valve on, after about 10 seconds, gas leaks out the drain line at the bottom of the bike. It is the same line that hooks on the bottom of the carb near the bowl and has the brass bolt going into the carb horizontally so you can drain the bowl. I checked that bolt, and it was closed. It appears to function properly. If I open it, it will drain gas out. If I close it, it stops the flow. I tried cleaning the carb, same result. In the cleaning process, I checked the floats, and they don't appear stuck. I didn't have this problem a couple months ago--the last time I rode. It appears to have developed while the bike has been in the garage. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  11. deblaw2232

    Need a head, etc for 1995 WXE 610

    Thanks for the replies, guys. A few PMs sent, and thanks for the input
  12. deblaw2232

    WR Suspension gives out easy. Springs maybe?

    Shocks can make a big difference--I switched out my rear one. There's a chart online that you look at the get the right one for your weight. I forget the site off hand.
  13. deblaw2232

    Need definitive answer to grey wire mod.

    If I recall right, the switch isn't an on the fly kind of thing anyway. Whether the grey wire is connected or not is registered at engine start. So, you can have the switch and switch it, but it will not have any affect until the next time the bike is started.
  14. deblaw2232

    Aftermarket fuel screw for Mikuni carb?

    I haven't installed the screw yet because the bike has been running great, so I've been lazy.
  15. deblaw2232

    Fuel Mixture Screw Problem

    Will do. Thanks!