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  1. Lester316d

    California transplant in WV

    Enduro/HareScramble mostly. I dont really have a track bike.
  2. Lester316d

    California transplant in WV

    Whats up everybody, Wel I amde the move to Harpers Ferry WV from beautiful California where I had an endless supply of riding buddies and more races than I could afford to attend. Now I know absolutley nobody and the weather kinda sucks and I am going crazy. Please help what district do I join are there any good clubs in the area? I need all the good info and most importantly does anybody want to go ride? -Lester
  3. Lester316d

    horsepower of a 2006 wr 250

    I love the one I got from Motoxotica, (your one-stop-shop for all your Motorcycle and Racing needs 7074464282). It handles like a dream and no matter how much you lug the motor it just doesnt seem to want to die. Truly an excellent bike. I thought the suspension was soft for the track but I am pushing 250 lbs so I am sure my extra ass had something to do with that. I suck on the track anyway. I bolted on a stabilizer kit, (the one for the KTM works with slight mod), hand gaurds, gripper seat and changed the crappy rear tire and off I went. If you want a 2-stroke for off road I just dont see a better option and you cant beat the price.
  4. Lester316d

    2006 husqvarna wr250 jetting

    The stock pipe is the best on this bike but if you are changing to the FMF I will gladly buy your stock if it is still in new condition Lester316d@yahoo.com