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  1. RMR

    Pro Action off road

    Travis from pro action up in the cottonwood Az area is a great guy, check him out and tell him what you want. www.pro-actionsuspension.com
  2. RMR

    Re-Spring and Re-Valve or not?

    Your first step is springs, the stock springs are on the soft side for a 220 lbs rider.
  3. Has anybody tried out the new scram on thier ktm 450 or 505, if so how much more bottom end does it really give you. www.f2racing.net
  4. RMR

    KTM 505 SX Any known Problems

    Only when i ride in deep loam dirt it will start blowing coolant out from a hose clamp on the lower right side, and it's not a clamp issue...but on hard pack or semi loam dirt the bike is PERFECT..
  5. RMR

    KTM 505 SX Any known Problems

    Beside's the clutch problem i have had a problem with overheating, so i purchased an 08 radiator cap and still have a slight cooling issue. Other than that it's a great bike.
  6. Give your buddy a chance. It's not how much you spend or save, it's how the jobs done.
  7. RMR

    local suspension shops vs. big shops

    This guy knows nothing about suspension, data BS crap, just send your suspension to pro circuit and dial it in from there.
  8. RMR

    KTM 250 sx-f vs. Honda CRF 250

    I take it you have not found 6th gear. you need to race them side by side out of the gate, your ktm will smoke the crf. RMR
  9. RMR

    SXF 505 race report

    I purchased my ktm 505 yesterday and took it out today and man this bike makes me feel after about 2 hours i mounted up a 50 tooth sprocket and BINGO RMR
  10. RMR

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    [quote=kelstr, it is what it is. Hey kelstr, my stuff feels like mush, why wont you return my calls. Who's your Daddy John nailed it on the shock rebound, the one shim just wont cut it. But it sure is good to see a guy dive in head first and learn what suspension valving is all about. RMR
  11. RMR

    07 ktm's honda feel?

    No, it feels just like the Yamaha. Much improved ride over the 06 model.
  12. RMR

    Blown Seals? Why?

    Hey kelstr, I just invented a quick fix that will guarantee no more blown fork seals, Just drain all the oil out of the forks. Now I just need to get rid of all that racket that my forks are making now, sounds a Lil dry. RMR
  13. Your stock valving is your baseline work with it, study it, test with it, take notes, have a good 4 or 5 guys from beginner to pro ride it and then gather up all the rider feedback, now you can come up with your own idea to find your baseline that best suites each rider based on their skill level. Here is one thing to remember as you will come to find once you learn and understand the shim stack and oil flow that one good baseline will not be liked by all riders, basic math will come in handy here, you must learn how to calculate the load force in a shim stack, low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed. Sure, math always looks good on paper, but it's still not perfect out in the dirt. Kinda like a dyno, looks good on paper, but feels much different out in the dirt. As for the mid-valving on today's bikes, it's damn near perfect just don't replace it with a check-plate this will only create a dive bomber of a ride, many of the kit installers have no clue as to why a mid valve is even in there, sure it's said to make the fork feel harsh, but here again you can fine tune it as it is a shim stack We all know that stock suspension feels great to some and crap to others, as it is just ones opinion, but the quick fix is not to send it off to the jewelry store, send it to a suspension specialist at least you will be off to a good start, and all of your OEM parts will still be there to work with. RMR
  14. RMR

    The suspension or me?

    Go get all your shims and OEM pistons back and take your suspension over to JM racing, get-r-done right. RMR