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  1. Oh yeah! I ride on the back! sometimes she let me use it by myself...
  2. Hi there, here is my wife's 2004 CRF 230 it has been used for enduro and some rally races mods list: BBR 240cc Kit BBR camshaft + valve springs BBR pipe + "handmade" muffler (to meet rally limits) Keihin PD 30mm carburator (XR 250) 43mm U/D Showa forks (1994 CR 250) modified rear shock + softer eibach spring (she weights 50 kg) rear disc kit (HM) front and rear wave discs RK 428 o-ring heavy duty chain and sprockets conversion Excel rims billet alu rear hub + alu nipples Ricky stator upgrade magura tapered handlebar billet alu stand billet ergal rear sprocket powder coated engine covers and frame hardware, screws and nuts zinc plating headlight mask from CRFX alu engine guard the funniest and easiest bike to ride and service
  3. how much for the stock shock spring?
  4. high perfomance camshaft high compression piston (big bore kit till 235cc) 30 mm carburator complete exhaust it seems another bike
  5. thank you
  6. hope it will help...
  7. I think that the rear sprocket will fit the codes from sprocket specialists are the same
  8. Hi there, In Italy it's very difficult to find a crf230 service manual can anybody help me with this torque spec? I have to tighten the M6 cam sprocket bolts (n°9) thank you
  9. I checked online and the shipping for wheight from 1kg to 3.5kg should be $75... about the disc, here I can find a new one (non oem) for $65 with this shape: (that is for a KTM) anyway you should find the nissin assembly from a CR-CRF any model from 2002 will fit the 240 mm disc you should buy a rear excel rim (1.85x18 or 2.15x18) + 36 spockes (196mm) and put everything togher... in Italy any OEM honda part is very expensive... if you are interested I can ask a friend (who builds and sells wheels) how much you will spend in a complete new wheel + disc ready to be mounted for the conversion complete hub + spokes and nipples + excel rim 2.15x18 + 240mm disc (everything assemled) I think it will be approximately $550 + $75 (shipping)
  10. how much for a new 450 rear wheel hub in USA?
  11. the 150/230 rear axle can be mounted on a 450 hub (25mm) you will only have to build a new pair of bushings anyway you can buy a complete hub 32 holes with the exact measures needed for the disc conversion. Here in Italy I can find it for 160 euros (=210 usdollars)
  12. the swingarm is the same the CR/CRF rear wheel hub is a little bit wider you will have to cut (?) some material from disc and sprocket support... otherwise the chain will not be well aligned (sorry for my english)
  13. hi, this is what you can buy in Italy: the italian importer installs a brand new rear weel + complete nissin brake system (disc, caliper, pump) from bigger models (crf 450 I think) anything else is stock
  14. Does anybody know how to change WHEEL SIZE? I tried any button combo but nothing appened except what I can read on the manual + the "cont" function thanks