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  1. It is supposed to be changed at 10,000km. However, my dealer who sponsors a number of SM510R race bikes so knows his stuff has never had to change a non race bike at 10,000km. He doesnt feel it is needed unless the bike has been raced full time. Your call. Hope this helps.
  2. Git:busted: Your Yosh and my Akro along with whoever else is out, nothing sounds quite like a shed load of loud SM's in the center of London. Fun fun fun!!! I am off on hols this Fri so will PM or post up on KTM/Seventeen Inches for a Gt Marlborough/Box. Hope the powdercoating goes well.
  3. Students:rant: Still as you are going to be up London way you can join us at Gt Marlborough St for a bit of a play and going to scare tourists:busted:
  4. Nah, tried them first but no answer, Tats recomended someone to me. Still impressed with your price. May have to come down to your neck of the woods and pop in for a cuppa while they do it!! You up for a bit of Box action in 3 or so weeks?
  5. Wow thats good mate, was quoted £70 just for my swingarm
  6. Hi there, may have been my bike. Akro do not make a pipe for the 07 450 or 510. I bought one from a friend which had come off a 06 TE I believe. It will fit after a bit of fettling. Dont expect everything to line up first time and only tighten the bolts when you are happy with everything. Sounds great on the bike and after dynoing, not much increase in BHP (around 4BHP or so) but the mid range torque is great. A worthwhile mod.
  7. I went from a DRZ to a 510, chalk and cheese. The 510 is great.
  8. Got home with the taste still in my mouth, peeled the damp leathers off and headed for the fridge. No beer:cry:
  9. Brilliant day, when I win my millions I am going to buy a house out that way. Good to see you all again and hats off to LT for his epic ride. Round the M25 the wrong way:eek:
  10. If it is dying because of a problem with the electrics as you described i.e. running off the battery till it runs out of juice then it sounds like a problem I have had with my 07. Runs great until I try to start it in the morning and just click when pushing the starter. Turns out the the small silver gizmo in the airbox on the LHS (buggered if I can remember what it is called) has failed twice (it's made by Ducatti so no suprise then). Replaced by the dealer I have had no problems since.
  11. Oh my word, that is nice. Very very nice. Mmmmm, off to look for a friendly local powder coater.
  12. Grant you big ghay:p I will be either in Reigate at the Dome for a coffee at 10am or at the Reigate Cafe with Twatoo at 10.30. Looking at the various forums I think there are in the region of 20 plus bikes out tomorrow. It may be noisy:eek:
  13. GIT:busted:
  14. Have seen 1oomph on mine with some to go, this is with stock gearing and sprockets. How acurate the speedo is is another question of course.