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  1. hicksi

    wr25f rear gaurd

    HI. just wondering if it is possibly to get a rear guard for a WR250F that is the same as the CRF250X with the LED lights built into the guard? because i reckon the original one look a bit ordinary
  2. hicksi

    wr250f 03 engine problem

    no i am writing for him because he hasn't got the net and asked if i could do it for him
  3. Hi. I am writing in for a friend who has recently changed his oil in his wr250f. but for some un known reason he drained the oil, cleaned all the mess off and started it without refilling it . he told me that it only run for 30sec before he shit himself and remembered that there was no oil in the engine.the bike still starts and runs alright but would it of done any damage to the engine? If sohow much and what kind? thanx