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  1. Not really sure why, but I'll add my .02 I had an '05 SM I purchased new and just purchased a '16 SM. Trust me, it's the same damn bike. Same horsepower. For break in, get it warmed up and then ride it like you normally would.
  2. I had over $12k into my first DRZ400SM. Sold it after a few years and bought another one 10 years after the first. I've owned an Aprilia SXV550, SXV450, Yamaha YZ426SM and looked carefully at every other SM out there. I went back to the DRZ and plan on sticking with it. Back to the OT, a Jeep lift kit is super mass produced and not very precise. The FCR is completely opposite and the single best thing you can do to a DRZ.
  3. I've run both CVK and FCR back to back, properly jetted on a dyno. The CVK is extremely good for the price. I think I had less than $150 into mine. However, the FCR's throttle response is just awesome. It is very expensive but well worth it. CVK/FCR HP difference on a stock bike isn't much but the throttle response and overall feel is much crisper.
  4. Get the FCR. Every carb'd 4-stroke engine should have one. It's the biggest single improvement you can make to the bike. A new FCR from a reputable seller will last a very long time without any problems.
  5. Probably pretty close to my opinion: Silkolene
  6. Stop using the dyno and educate yourself more. Find another shop with one and look at their setup. They may even be nice enough to give you pointers. Look at pics on the internet of other dyno setups and read whatever you can on the software you are using. There are lots of settings in the software that you need to be aware of.
  7. You will use more oil if you take it out. This has been covered 100 times. LEAVE THE MIST SEPARATOR ALONE
  8. Wait. It was an SSW engine that was rebuilt or it was rebuilt by SSW? Who made the cams? Was the metal large and flaky or more of a dust?
  9. Stock rims are offset to clear the chain.
  10. Baking soda through a sand blaster works great. I don't think you are going to get carbon off of Ti valves without damaging the coating.
  11. What makes you think that? There are other very similar engines with titanium exhaust valves.
  12. Well you didn't say it had to be motorcycle related, so I'll play. Circular saw to the thigh.