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  1. dpitta

    rear brake help please!

    Don't have much experience working on bikes... figured I would replace the rear pads. After pusing in the piston, i reinstalled. Now I have no rear brake. Pushing down on the brake I get no pressure. Looking at the piston, it's flush in the caliper. I realize it should be touching the pad but it won't disengage. Help please! Would like to ride today.... Thanks!
  2. dpitta

    Lowering CRF250x - NorCal shops?

    Thanks Jimmy. Spoke with Brian. What a great guy. He actually convinced me NOT to lower the bike - or at least exhaust all other options first, as lowering the bike will reduce the linkage on the back end and sacrifice the integrity of the handling. How often do you talk to a guy that is steering you away from him making money. That's a guy you can trust. Thanks.
  3. dpitta

    Lowering CRF250x - NorCal shops?

    I'd like to have my CRF250x professionaly lowered. I'm in Sacramento. Anyone on the board know of a good shop to do the work? I'm also thinking neon, gold rims, and a good sound system Thanks.