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  1. crasherjoe

    2011 rm 250!

    Is there any way to get one of the 2011 model rm 250's shipped to the US from over seas (Europe or wherever)?
  2. crasherjoe

    2011 rm 125 250

    I would by a 2011 model with out a question!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. crasherjoe

    throttle cams

    can anyone tell me if throttle cams help out alot with smoothing the power out.I have 05 rm 250 and would like to take some of the snap out for woods ridding.I already have a fww and have turned the power valve back some.I like the power just wish it wasn't so snappy!
  4. crasherjoe

    RM250 a good woods bike?

    I have a 05 rm and I race harescrambles here in NC and I love mine,but I have done a few mods to it like 10oz fww,turned the power valve back some,reworked the suspension and put handgaurds on and a skid plate and I'm thinking of installing a Rekluse clutch!RM's make good woods bikes,just depends on how snappy you want to set the power on the motor!!!
  5. crasherjoe

    your ratio oppinion

    I run Amsoil to but I run 40:1 or sometimes 44:1. I think Amsoil said run 50:1 ratio on the bottle! (I think but I might be wrong)
  6. crasherjoe

    trouble cranking in gear!

    I'm having trouble trying to crank my RM 250 in gear,was just wandering if anybody else is having the same problem? I woods race and I need to be able to crank the bike on the start line with it in gear so I can try to get a good start,if anybody has any sugesstions that might help with this I sure would appreciate it.I've been runing Bel-Ray 80w in the tranny and don't know if this might be part of the problem and can some body tell me how much oil the bike holds on a oil change?I put almost a whole quart in when I change it(about 80%of the quart)is that to much?
  7. crasherjoe

    Suzuki EZ-UP tent

    SORRY nforrest that # is 714-572-1490 not 715-572-1490
  8. crasherjoe

    Suzuki EZ-UP tent

    Hey nforrest go to Suzuki factory web site and you will find a # on there that you can call that is were I got the # from,you may have to look around a little on there to find it but you should find a # for customer service! OH yea I got my shirts and hats yesterday but still no tent! I do like the shirts and the hats they are cool!!! I just looked the # up agin and I made a mistake,the # is 714-572-1490 not715-572-1490 sorry nforrest for the mistake this one should work!!
  9. crasherjoe

    Suzuki EZ-UP tent

    Hey nforrest try this #715-572-1490 and speek to customer service,I spoke with them yesterday and he told me it may take 8 weeks or more and that the shirts and hats come from a different location than the tent.He also told me if it has not arrived within a couple of weeks to call them back and they would check on it!
  10. crasherjoe

    Setting up a RM250 for woods riding

    I have a 2005 RM 250 and I put a 10oz Steahly flywheel weight on had my suspsion revalved put a skid plate on,bark busters,pipe gaurd and I have a Clarke tank on the way.I also adjusted the power valve back some to help take the snap out of the throttle on the bottom end which really helped alot.I"m going to put heavy duty tubes in when I change the tires the next time.Like the other guys said I wouldn't worry about a 18 inch rim til you destroy the other one!!I did a race 2 weeks ago after doing all the mods that I mentioned above and I must say it made a big differince,espescially in the mud! The flywheel weight will help to keep from stalling the bike at slow speeds when your either trying to climb a hill that is real technical or in the mud when you are trying to get traction!
  11. crasherjoe

    Suzuki EZ-UP tent

    Just wandering if anybody that has bought a 2007 RMZ got there Suzuki tent yet?
  12. crasherjoe

    Motocross Action 2007 rmz250 test

    I'm glad to see it did better in Motorcross Action because Transworld put it 5th in the rankings,but they still said it was a good bike.I don't know everybody else but I love my new RMZ.
  13. crasherjoe

    Clarke vs IMS tank?

    I want to put a bigger tank on my 2005 rm 250 and just wanted to know everbodys thoughts about which one they liked better as far as fit and looks,price,function and so on!
  14. crasherjoe

    another jetting question please help!!!

    Did you reuse the stock white needle spacer?
  15. crasherjoe

    Running out of gas...what about reserve?

    I don't know if this helps any but make sure the arrow on the petcock is pointed to the reserve because the petcock has a small arrow on it so when the petcock looks like its pointed to the on position it is really pointed to the reserve position so look close at the petcock and you will see the little arrow on it. If you already know this then never mind sorry I don't what your problem could be.