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  1. chrisl609

    2006 yz250f throttle stuck

    Turned out to be a stuck needle, glad that is fixed.
  2. chrisl609

    2006 yz250f throttle stuck

    Thanks for the responses. The throttle is stuck at the carb. I am looking at my manual & trying to move the throttle shaft drum like on page 4-17 (middle picture). There is space between where the throttle stop & the stopper on the wheel. When you say pop it back are you talking rotation (like force it to rotate back to the stop screw) or front to back? Would I be able to see the throttle wheel cracked with the carb on the bike (the crack on the inside of the carb facing away from me, it looks fine towards the outside of the bike)
  3. Hey guys, last time I was at the track my throttle stuck wide open after a jump. I was able to get it shut off & pushed it back to the truck. The throttle was frozen wide open like it was fused to the bars. I pulled off the throttle & the cables didnt move so I assumed it would be a broken return cable. Today I took the cables off & they are fine. I bought a new one since I thought for sure it was that & the current one feels identical to the new one. I tried to move the throtle wheel on the throttle shaft by hand & it is stuck. I should be able to move this by hand right? Has anyone run into this before & if so what did it turn out to be? Thanks for your help.
  4. chrisl609

    Your Garage

    Nice graphics, running the same on the wife's 250F:
  5. chrisl609

    best picture of you roostin

    Cahullia Creek MX: Elsinore vet track:
  6. chrisl609

    New best looking bike contest?

    My 06 YZ450F:
  7. chrisl609

    New best looking bike contest?

    Wife's 06 YZ250F:
  8. Update on my wife's YZ250F:
  9. I have both an 06 YZ250F & YZ450F, the 250F feels a lot lighter in the turns & air. I can spin a lot more laps on the 250F than the 450F, it's just way easier to be smooth on because of the weight difference & power delivery. The 450F is way more of a thrill though! It's a tough choice for sure, good thing my wife can & likes to ride a 250F.
  10. chrisl609

    What other toys do you own?

    06 Yamaha YZ450F 06 Yamaha YZ250F 04 Suzuki LTZ400 04 Honda CRF100 w/ lots of BBR parts 02 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 99 Honda XR70 w/ CRF50 frame 93 Superjet (Project) 90 Superjet (Project) 66 Mustang (Project)
  11. chrisl609

    New best looking bike contest?

    We used an electric cutting knife to make the big cuts and a sander to do the final shaping & to smooth it out.
  12. chrisl609

    New best looking bike contest?

    Ozark represent!
  13. chrisl609

    New best looking bike contest?

    My 06 YZ450F: Wife's 06 YZ250F: Wife's 04 CRF115: Wife's 99 XR70 with an 04 CRF50 frame: Wife's Z400 (Selling): My 05 CRF50 that I parted (Sold): My old 99 YZ400 (Sold): My 04 CRF50 that I parted: My old 03 CRF230F (Sold): Guess we go thru some bikes
  14. chrisl609

    Let's See them 100's

    We got them from Decal works. They did a good job.