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  1. jetskiier

    Street Legal XRR in Ontario?

    Thanks Metisse, I am a member of the ODSC from a while ago, sort of forgot about it though. I found a new 650R for sale and really had big plans for it, but I guess I'll have to look for something else.
  2. jetskiier

    Street Legal XRR in Ontario?

    So even if I buy new, there's no hope? I would like to get an XRR and turn it into a supermoto/off-road bike, I don't want to go with the L. Thanks for the help
  3. Has anyone here plated an XR650R in Ontario, if so, what all was involved? Thanks, Dan
  4. jetskiier

    Looking to buy XR650R

    I sent him a message on eBay, no response yet though.
  5. jetskiier

    Looking to buy XR650R

    Seems like there is quite a difference from east-west. The only one I've found up here was $7200 list (plus tax, fees...), which is the reason I want to go south of the border.
  6. jetskiier

    Looking to buy XR650R

    Hello, Does anyone know of a really good deal on a new (or leftover) XRR? Somewhere in the north-eastern states preferrably. What have you guys been paying OTD for your XRR's? Thanks, Dan
  7. jetskiier

    Yamaha LA Yamaha

    Has anyone ever bought from them? They seem to have great OTD prices? Any experience good or bad?
  8. jetskiier

    Another Which Bike???

    I did forget to mention that reliability will be a big issue. I will be travelling, so I won't have a lot of time to spend doing oil changes (which is why I'm turned off the KTM's, I was looking at a 525EXC, not sure about the SM versions though). I want a bike I can do 150km/day with no problems, and not have to worry about it leaving me stranded.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a SM bike in the near future. I plan on using this mostly as a city cruiser, I will be travelling quite a bit in a house trailer and pick-up. I would like a bike I could put in the trailer (not a toy hauler, it would have to go through the side door), or I could keep it in the back of the truck if necessary, but I would like it out of sight. The bike will be used mainly for paved roads, but with some dirt/back roads (probably 70/30). I am 6'2, and about 250lbs so it can't be too small. I consider myself an average/medium skilled rider. I just sold the first bike I ever owned/driven, it was a 2004 CRF450. It took a few rides to get used to the power, but I had no problem handling it. From reading all the posts on here, I think a Suzuki DR400 would be the best bet, any other suggestions, would I be making a mistake with this bike?
  10. jetskiier

    coolant ?? ......

    I am planning on using regular automotive (aluminum safe) antifreeze, will I have any problems. I live up here in Canada, it gets warm (but I don't ride if its over ~25), but not Cali. warm. Will I have any problems, or should I avoid using it? Thanks, Dan
  11. jetskiier

    450 Won't Start

    Finally got it going last night, thanks everyone. Took a few more kicks and a few more cracks of the throttle, but it seems to be running well. Would it be worth it to dump a bottle of carb cleaner in the fuel tank, or is that stuff junk that will do more damage than good? Thanks
  12. jetskiier

    450 Won't Start

    By manually I meant with a toothpick/small brush.
  13. jetskiier

    450 Won't Start

    Whats the best way to clean the jets? Clean them manually or soak them in something?
  14. jetskiier

    450 Won't Start

    I didn't drain the gas before storing, just added stabilizer and antifreeze. I turned the fuel switch off and kicked it over a few times before putting it away.
  15. jetskiier

    450 Won't Start

    Hello, I just got my 2004 CRF450R out of storage (unheated garage). It ran fine before I put it away for the winter, but I changed the oil&filter, drained the gas and added fresh gas and I cant get it to go. I tried last night for ~75 kicks w. choke on, and it didn't even try to go. Any ideas? Thanks