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  1. Dustin_Mabro

    yamaha warrior, white smoke on startup noisy engine

    once it warms up the smoke stops. it takes longer some times than others for the smoke to stop but it's always when it's a cold start. Do you have a link to a loose valve train DIY? Thanks, Kyle
  2. I bought a 1997 warrior 350 and have really ridden it twice. Two times on some trail systems (not really hard) and just around the yard with the kids. After an oil change I started to watch and listen close to make sure everything was koshar and I noticed the white smoke on startup and hearing the engine noise that doesn't seem normal, but it could just me being nervous and picking up on things that aren't a problem. I'm running stock everything and Rotella T 10-30 oil like I always have in my bikes/atvs Is the ten weight oil to thick and i'm running the engine dry? How do I know if my oil pump is going out? suggestions? Thanks a lot Kyle
  3. Dustin_Mabro

    Dual Sport Tire

    I'll read that in a tone that doesn't seem like you're talking down to me and thank you for your reply and concerns. I have changed out tires before, I do not think it is fun and I also find it to be time consuming. I'd much rather pay someone else who can do it more efficiantly, and worth the money I'm willing to spend, to do it. I found a guy that will do 2 tires for $20, the time I'd spend effing around with the tires is worth more than $20 to me. Now, my comments were intended to illustrate the differance in costs between RMatv and the dealership.
  4. Dustin_Mabro

    Dual Sport Tire

    I've changed them before, but I didn't have fun with it and felt I'd rather have someone else do it for me if I could find the right price. $15 each with them off the bike. SOLD. As for the price of the tires. I'm going to buy from RM and have installed a little later. Still got a few lugs on the rear yet.
  5. Dustin_Mabro

    Dual Sport Tire

    RM wants around $81 front and rear for the 606...stealership wanted another $30/tire just for the skins, then they were gonna throw on the tube and mount and balance. i guess I'll just get with RM and have em on order.
  6. Dustin_Mabro

    Xr650R street legal ?

    This was/is it in Michigan. The 4AA batteries or whatever that my 01XR has was good enough (I presume) to get the bike to pass with the previous owner. I've since upgraded to a brighter bulb and a RS stator so when the engine shuts off so does the light. But I'm plated and insured so I don't care.
  7. Dustin_Mabro

    White Bros Exhaust

    had e-series on my YZ426 and it was either bogged down so much you couldn't ride it, or ear splittingly loud.
  8. Dustin_Mabro

    Diesel 15/40 heavy duty motor oil

    I've run Rotella T in my bikes for several years, holds up great. the key to the oil is frequent changes.
  9. Dustin_Mabro

    Dual Sport Tire

    I have a D606 on the back and it's wore well. And it's hooked up great in the dirt and sand. It's about time for me to start shopping for new tires.
  10. Dustin_Mabro

    XRR or XRL

    I've vote L for the ability to buddy ride a pretty lil college girl.
  11. Dustin_Mabro

    Cruise Control?

    Ha Ha, THis reminds me of when I was a kid in Boy Scouts and my dad told a kid with a nose bleed "take an asprin, they say it's good for strokes cause it STOPS blood flow" I said "Dad, no. Do you think stopping blood flow is a GOOD thing?":bonk:
  12. Dustin_Mabro

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Update: bent the float down quite a bit per jmz's suggestions and turned the fuel screw out another full turn and I think we got it! I'll take it for a spin this afternoon but I held a steady idle and didn't feel or hear any pulsing in the rpms like i was getting so if this is it. Thanks again to everyone. I really appreciate all the help and only wish my rep was worth more when I give it to you guys. (right, more repped people have more rep to give?)
  13. Dustin_Mabro

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    so I should feed the lock nut all the way down. Don't worry about placement at half way like it was when I started. Hell, I guess I can always reverse it if by some miracle the bike runs worse! Thanks.
  14. Dustin_Mabro

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    I did try a fresh plug and the symptoms remain. The fuel screw is 2 full turns (360degrees = 1 turn) out. EDIT: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=992192 could this be an issue for me? right now that nut is at about half way as that's where it was when I started to take the carb apart. I'm trying to remember what my setup is. 165main, 68s pilot the aftermarket needle...E is it? 3rd clip 2 turns out on fuel screw.