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  1. UPDATE 8/01/06 That is awesome that Jake is pulling through this like a champ! Keep it up little man!!! Inre: The woman that showed up at the hospital to "pray with the family"... I doubt anyone here would invade the Schnellers Privacy like that, but please do not bother them at the hostpital. The lady that did was from the area, and had no relation to any of our fund raising, or any of the websites we have topics on. I believe Chris said she was from a church group of some sort.
  2. Never once said anyone had to donate money... I said: Prayers/Well Wishes/Thoughts FIRST!!!! Then, if you have some junk laying around that you don't use anymore (old parts, etc...) then we could get rid of them for you, and it wouldn't cost you a dime, but it would help this kid.. NOT asked for, just advised that we are offering this service to help the family. Then, people asked where they could send cash to the family, so we set up the paypal. That's where the donation idea comes from. So many people have helped and they haven't sent a dime. I find it offensive that people look down on others because they're trying to help. I look down on people who see a thread like this as a threat, and jump to the conclusion that they need to send cash. I look down on people who bring negativity to a post that requires nothing but positive feedback. I look down on people who think I'm here with my hand out, when actually, I just want help spiritually, religiously and any other thoughts you could send to the family. The donations are just a bonus for the family. I also look down on people who are affraid of a thread like this, and take it as a threat to their bank account. Give me a break.
  3. THanks everyone!!!! This thread is finally going somewhere!!!
  4. UPDATE 7/27/06 From Yesterday, 7/26/06 From Last night/early this am from Jakes Dad Keep pulling for him for those of you who are following this!
  5. If you're a member of KTM Talk, you can donate that way. Or you could just mail out a check to the family. Let me know how you want to do it. I will pm you their address. Thanks!!!!
  6. 655 views, and only 4 or 5 members reply. Point proven.
  7. I'm beginning to think a sticky isn't gonna help us. It's not like the members of Thumper Talk haven't seen this thread yet. The problem isn't the thread not being viewed, who's viewing it and not responding is where the problem lies. But, I can't force anyone to do anything. And if they don't feel the need to help a fellow dirtbike family, than that's their deal. We don't need them. Thanks to those of you who did help, you should migrate to the orange site where you'll be in good company. We don't only talk about orange bikes. Later!
  8. Thank you for your generosity DirtDawger! It's people like you that will make this little boy's road a lot less bumpy! And his family's!
  9. tell me about it. This site is way bigger than ktm talk... but oh well. I tried.