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  1. GrayGhost

    Not good! Riverside verdict.

    48,000 ORV owners should file a noise complaint everytime the here anything from an ajoining property(Providing its not a bike) a few forced this ordinance threw, if the others are incovenience by getting sound complaints file against them, others will join the fight against it, whether they ride or not, 48,000 complaints a week would get some attention, use their own ordinance against them. Everytime they start their car, everytime their airconditioning compressor kicks on, everytime they or their hired help starts a lawn mower. They have to pull together and fight, if the cops don't enforce the ordinance, it is a misdemenor by the officer.
  2. GrayGhost

    XR"L" Turn Signal Protection

    Built my own rack, welder and torch and a couple of hours. The rack is painted with Krylon hammer finish, but it is made out of 304SS, Stainless is nice but it looks like crap if you don't keep it brushed or polished.
  3. GrayGhost

    XR"L" Turn Signal Protection

    Yep, that will happen The turn signal mod has been one of my most popular, so far. I have done 2 XRL's and 2 DRSE's, and we have been pretty bullet proof so far.
  4. GrayGhost

    Hand Gaurds

    I went with Moose and really like them. Might be a concideration.
  5. GrayGhost

    650L XRs only rear rack

    Put quick releases on your rear turn signals, on or off in less then a minute, while your bike warms up, no tools.
  6. GrayGhost

    Hackberry and Haystack Info Please

    HayStack-bring your riding equipment, every guard you own, elbow, knee, etc. mostly technical, lots of ROCK, but some sand and desert also, fun riding, you can camp at the Site or bring the hauler into Roswell, you will enjoy it. Just hope the wind is not blowing when you are here. Don't know Hackberry. Just wondering bike(s) or quad(s), good riding for Quads at North Mecalero dunes, about 40 miles east of Roswell. If you get bored there is alot of BLM land to ride on. Forest land to the West.
  7. GrayGhost

    Aftermarket stores

    Newenough, for soft gear(helmets, goggles, boots, pants, jersey, gloves, guards, etc), road or dirt, great customer service, they are starting to carry some hard parts
  8. GrayGhost

    best gearing for mostly dirt???

    14/48 works fine for me, dirt and street, stock chain.
  9. GrayGhost

    Standing while street riding??

    I am still trying to figure out who told wr450fyamaha about 8th grade.
  10. GrayGhost

    Standing while street riding??

    Then the center of gravity must be the tire contact patches, because the weight of the bike and you are both on the this area. Actually the center of gravity is defined as the point of mass (bike and Rider) were the object can be balanced in any direction. So by standing and moving mass away from object center, vertically you are raising the center of gravity. Jeez, where did that come from , must be having college class flash backs again. I need to start drinking again. And put an end to these rational thoughts.
  11. GrayGhost

    Chinese mini bikes

    Try this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=279910 You will get all the bashing of China Bikes you want. And also actual reviews of people that own them.
  12. GrayGhost

    Chinese mini bikes

    And why would this be in the XR600/650 forum, go to the DualSport forum and you will find a ton of info on China bikes. This forum get diluted enough as it is.
  13. GrayGhost

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hope he wasn't a close friend or co worker that your life may depend on, he might get a little upset when he finds out that the NADA average retail on the bike was $240, and you took $1500 off of him, oh well buyer beware. He is probably an idiot anyway, could of picked up a hell of alot better bike for that money.
  14. GrayGhost

    I am Done!--No MORE

    Yep your all done , You ain't even close yet, Correct #11 and get on with it. Nice Bike so far.
  15. After riding this thing enough, I came to the conclusion that it was going to fall down and being that I ride it to work everyday and in some real nasty rocks on the weekends, I decided to take alook at the turn signals, very flexible so far, and no breakage, but it was going to happen. A few weeks ago I built a rear rack for the bike and relocated the rear turn signals on it. This weekend, I cut the wires, exstended the pig tails and put in 2 prong connectors from radio shack. Then Replace the bolt with a quick release from a bicycle seat adjustment stem. Ordered 8 of them for less then $25 (have a buddy and we are doing his DR the same way) Now it takes about 1 minute to remove the turn signals from the rear. I run Moose hand guards (with bar) on the front, pulled front turn signal brackets off, loosed turn signals, rotated 180 in bracket, rotated bracket 180, this moves the turn signal back almost under the hand guard bar, still clears the tank at full lock by about 1/2". Had to have something to do today, so there it is. I will put pictures in the garage sometime this weekend.