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  1. 700AICS

    3x3 airbox mod: Does anybody have a pic of the mod?

    http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/Boomholzer/IM000794.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/Boomholzer/IM000795.jpg
  2. 700AICS

    DRC Taillight Install Done

    KD, I love the white plastic and graphics. I did the DRC install also, at the time I was able to get the small bracket from Forrest before they totally transitioned to the long one.
  3. Am I too lean? Pulled the plug last fall with a few hundred on that pipe and it looked cool. It's gotton much darker since then. edited to add: I put some serious top end miles on it in the last month. So I am afriad I am lean on the top end. Basic mods: 3x3, DJ needed, Eddie-burned jetting. I'll pull the plug again, just looking for a TT sanity check.
  4. 700AICS

    Why is my DRZ so slow on the top end?

    Yes, 1200 mi on it Factory tires right now. I have tried WOT runs in different places and different conditions. The most I ever got out of it was 92MPH with favorable conditions.
  5. My '06 DRZS has the basic mods: full yosh pipe, burned dyno-jet, air box hole. Top speed before and after the mods was 88MPH without hitting the rev limiter. I threw on a 41 tooth back sprocket to get the cruisin Revs down. Top speed dropped to about 85MPH. I plan to switch back to the 44, as 41 is to tall. I did'nt buy it as a speed demon but I expect it should be able to touch the triple digits. A friends DR350 is way faster on the top end. I've read allot of posts where owners claim that the DRZ top speed was way above what I am getting. What gives? It exellerates decently and runs clean.
  6. 700AICS

    lunchtime ride

    the chain roller, guard, and little strap for the overflow tank fell off. The bolt fell to the asphault after I parked it. I was wondering what the noise was before I pulled in to investigate. Must have alittle Harley in her!
  7. 700AICS

    A good place for signals?

    I have four Lockhardt Phillips ones I did'nt use. Amber lens. Make a offer
  8. 700AICS

    No Dual Sport mags ?

    I can count 30 years, that's new? My first bike was a '79 Yamaha Enduro 100. Street legal, oil injected 2-smoke.
  9. 700AICS

    DRC taillight

    Figure out the issue kirroyal?
  10. 700AICS

    what type of helmet do u run?

    Thor SVX http://www.carbon-design.com/portfolio/thor/wear/helmets.html
  11. 700AICS

    Anyone using the Tinytach?

    Updates every 2 seconds. Your not going to be liking that! That sucks for dynamic throttle. It's designed for utility engines, like a gas generator or a lawm mower where the RPM is more static.
  12. 700AICS

    getting close..........

    The intake porting job is my favorite picture! It's artwork.
  13. thanks! I was hoping it was electronic and I could adapt it to a DRZ.
  14. The gauge cluster sure looks nice......if i could get my hands on one. Is the speedo mechanical or electrical?