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  1. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/Boomholzer/IM000794.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/Boomholzer/IM000795.jpg
  2. KD, I love the white plastic and graphics. I did the DRC install also, at the time I was able to get the small bracket from Forrest before they totally transitioned to the long one.
  3. Am I too lean? Pulled the plug last fall with a few hundred on that pipe and it looked cool. It's gotton much darker since then. edited to add: I put some serious top end miles on it in the last month. So I am afriad I am lean on the top end. Basic mods: 3x3, DJ needed, Eddie-burned jetting. I'll pull the plug again, just looking for a TT sanity check.
  4. Yes, 1200 mi on it Factory tires right now. I have tried WOT runs in different places and different conditions. The most I ever got out of it was 92MPH with favorable conditions.
  5. My '06 DRZS has the basic mods: full yosh pipe, burned dyno-jet, air box hole. Top speed before and after the mods was 88MPH without hitting the rev limiter. I threw on a 41 tooth back sprocket to get the cruisin Revs down. Top speed dropped to about 85MPH. I plan to switch back to the 44, as 41 is to tall. I did'nt buy it as a speed demon but I expect it should be able to touch the triple digits. A friends DR350 is way faster on the top end. I've read allot of posts where owners claim that the DRZ top speed was way above what I am getting. What gives? It exellerates decently and runs clean.
  6. the chain roller, guard, and little strap for the overflow tank fell off. The bolt fell to the asphault after I parked it. I was wondering what the noise was before I pulled in to investigate. Must have alittle Harley in her!
  7. I have four Lockhardt Phillips ones I did'nt use. Amber lens. Make a offer
  8. I can count 30 years, that's new? My first bike was a '79 Yamaha Enduro 100. Street legal, oil injected 2-smoke.
  9. Figure out the issue kirroyal?
  10. Thor SVX http://www.carbon-design.com/portfolio/thor/wear/helmets.html
  11. Updates every 2 seconds. Your not going to be liking that! That sucks for dynamic throttle. It's designed for utility engines, like a gas generator or a lawm mower where the RPM is more static.
  12. The intake porting job is my favorite picture! It's artwork.
  13. thanks! I was hoping it was electronic and I could adapt it to a DRZ.
  14. The gauge cluster sure looks nice......if i could get my hands on one. Is the speedo mechanical or electrical?