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  1. 650tom

    KLX300 Street Legal Conversion

    How about using a 12V capacitor instead of a battery? My DR was equiped with a capacitor from Baja Designs but there are other manufacturers. There is no power while it is not running but it boosts the power to the lights while running so there is no dimming effect while using the lights and blinkers.
  2. 650tom

    Street plate question KLX300R

    I got AZ plate, AZ drivers license and AZ insurance
  3. 650tom

    Info on Street plate transfer needed

    I currently have an AZ drivers license and insurance but they still said I could not ride due to my VIN# I think it's a bunch of CRAP!!!!
  4. I currently own a 2003 KLX300R that is street plated in AZ and am looking to keep it plated here in CA. Anybody have info on what I need to do to keep it street legal? I went to ride it last weekend at the Gleghorn road exit to Bigbear and was stopped by the Ranger who said I could not ride it there and further more my bike would be red stickered if I registered it in CA due to the VIN# it has a 3 as the 8th digit is what he told me was the determining factor. Any info or advice is appreciated.
  5. 650tom

    Street plate question KLX300R

    I tried to ride Cleghorn last weekend and the Ranger stopped me and said I could not ride due to my VIN# it makes my bike a red sticker? Apparently if the 8th digit in the VIN is a C or 3 it is red stickered. Even though it has an AZ street plate.
  6. My KLX300 is currently street plated in AZ can I just register it in CA as a street legal dual sport or are they gonna red sticker me? Any info is appreciated.
  7. Are all the parts from a KLX 250 and 300 interchangable? Most of them anyway? I have a tweaked frame (KLX300) and can get a KLX250 frame cheap. Looking to see if this will work? Thanks!
  8. 650tom

    05 KLX300 to 07 KLX250S frame swap

    If you have the frame with the correct VIN and the plate that matches what's the problem???? It's pretty much like an engine swap.
  9. Hello all! I am looking at buying a KLX450 after the summer and would like some input from current owners. I am currently riding a 2003, KLX300R with quite a few mods and I love it. Although I am looking for more power and the electric start is nice too. So let me know what you guys think. I am pretty strapped for cash so the mods will be few and far between so please let me know how you guys like them stock and with minor mods. Thanks!
  10. 650tom

    Custom CDI unit for KLX250S

    I know you are way past this point and I'm not sure if you have thought about this already, but why not just use a AC/DC converter to make the 300 CDI work???
  11. 650tom

    KLX 300 carb issues???

    Well I took the carb apart and it was extremly clean. No clogs or issues found. Looks like I'll be looking at the valves next. I have to say though I'm a little nervous messing with them, but I guess I gotta learn someday?
  12. I'm having issues getting my bike to idle. Everything was fine before, but recently I can't seem to get the idle right. If I turn the idle where I like it the motor will eventually die. So the only way I can get it to keep running is to turn the idle up, but then it is idling too high. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. 650tom

    06' KLX 300 Crank Case Breather Mod

    Not to hijack,but..........what does this mod really do???? My brothers bike has the mod and mine does'nt. I can't tell the difference. Maybe a stupid question that has already been answered, but I have'nt seen it:confused:
  14. 650tom

    KLX250S vs DR350S

    KLX= Better suspension DR= More power I have owned a DR350 and currently own a KLX300 (not KLX250). IMO The DR with similar mods has more power, but my KLX handles way better stock than my DR with professionally built suspension. Overall I like the KLX(300) much better. After a long day of riding I don't feel like I got mugged by a 300+lb bully.
  15. dj can you check shipping to 85329 Avondale, AZ. Thanks!