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  1. Jon16

    2004 RM 250 Pros/Cons

    Background of me- I own a 2009 crf 450. Local A rider ability. Looking for something to play around on. I'm currently looking at a 2004 RM 250 for $1200. (I think it will need a new subframe) I'm also looking at an 05 YZ 250 for $1800(needs nothing). I'd like to know the pros and cons of the RM. The price difference is quite a lot for only a 1 year older bike. It has been hardly rode too. The 05 was rode, but very well taken care of.
  2. Jon16

    '03 vs. '04 and newer RM 250's

    Looks like I may have found a nice '05 RM 250 instead of an '03. Hopefully I'll be checking it out Saturday.
  3. Looking for opinions on the difference in the motor between 2003's and 2004 and newer. I was told they changed them slightly, but I'm wondering if the difference is big or not. I'm an expert level rider, currently riding (and will ride 75% of the time) an '09 CRF 450. Just looking for a 250 to play around on, and I have found some '03 at a good price. thanks!
  4. Wondering if anyone has a similar setup. I might be making a long drive here soon with it (3200 miles) and I'm trying to get a ruff idea of gas money. Problem is, I can't remember what kind of MPG my truck gets pulling my trailer on the highway. It's been 5 or 6 years sinse I've towed it that far. My truck is a 2000 F150, 4x4, w/ the 5.4 liter. Trailer is a 6x12 enclosed trailer. Trailer will be loaded light. I'm guessing around 11 for my average. But I'm not sure if I'm to high on that.
  5. Incase anyone cares, I found a motion alarm that is supposed to go on a window, that looks like it would work well for $10 at Home Depot. Looks like you could just set it in the truck bed, or on your bike somewhere, and if shaken, it would go off.
  6. Jon16

    Trailer Security

    I took my trailer to FL back in '04. I was staying at the beach with my parents, and I knew I would be leaving the trailer sit there loaded from time to time. I ran chain through the wheels of the trailer, and was even able to put the chain around a telephone pole. I also kept the trailer backed up againts a wall, and had a sawed off hitch ball always locked in the coupler. On the inside, I kept the bikes chained to the tie down loops in the floor, and I welded up some brackets that I mounted on the side door, and back door of the trailer. They were made to hold a 2x4 flat againts the door and past the door to the walls. So even if someone pryed off the lock on the outside, they'd have a hard time getting the door to come open. Obviously, you could only put it on one door or the other, but it worked great sinse I could back up againts a wall.
  7. I looked on Ebay and Radio shacks website, but couldn't really find (what I think your talking about) the kind of alarm you guys are talking about. Can someone point me in the right direction? I think I'll end up pushing my bike in a room with me, but I want a good back up plan just incase I can't. I also thought about crashing in my truck a night or two maybe at a track on my way down...
  8. I'm just wondering how many of you have traveled with your bike in the bed of your truck? Some friends and I are planning on taking a trip to Florida (from Ohio) this winter...We'll be taking a trailer with us, but I'm thinking about heading down early and staying longer. I don't really be towing my trailer with me for the short amount of time I would actually need it. (I will use the other trailer they bring while they are there). I've done the whole bike in the hotel thing. Anyone ever get caught pushing it in? Any tips to keeping things safe? I'd imagine I would chain my bike and lock it to the hooks in the bed whehn driving around with it.......Just kinda looking for thoughts, etc. Thanks!
  9. Jon16

    KYB shock springs on ebay

    I sent the guy a message earlier this week about springs. He said "they are the same or better quality of factory connection, etc." I've been wanting to see if people have used them also.
  10. Just wondering, but how do you know this?
  11. I've got a clutch basket that I've used in my '05 and '07 CRF 450's. I recently picked up an '09. I talked to Wiseco, and they said it all depends if the gear on the back will work or not. Before I spend the money on gaskets just to find out it works or not, I figured I would ask here first. Maybe someone has already tried? I'm not sure if the spline is even the same. Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm just wondering if anyone has, or has tried a Big Gun Exhaust for the '09 CRF 450. I've had them on past bikes, but I'm curious how the fit/finish/power is with the '09. Thanks for any info!