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    good phoenix area KTM shop?....

    yes, the jetting has been changed. i have JD jet kit but it is something else. It was running fine and then after a short stay in storage it just has never run right. I do have some knowledge but have been fighting this for some time now. I bought a new needle and seat thinking that was the problem but with no fix. When i do shut the fuel off it will run great for that little while before it dies. any thoughts? and yes i know not to go to the flagstaff shop. every time i go there it is poor service and end up waiting for weeks for a part. I stick to KTM hut for any parts. thanks
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to know if any of you know of a good KTM mechanic down in the phoenix area. Have been having some troubles with my 04 450 and just cant seem to figure it out. runs WAY rich. Thanks in advance.