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  1. hondamx115

    Braces or 2006 CRF250

    Fix ur teeth and u'll be better off with the ladies. Get the bike and u can have endless fun. Win some races and u can have both. Hell, get the bike and win some races.
  2. hondamx115

    blown motor

    i hear that same hear
  3. hondamx115

    04 upgrades

    I'm lookin to make my 04 crf250r just as fast as an 06 crf250r. What are the differences, obviously the exhaust but other than that and what can I do. My dad won't let me buy a new bike. Any info would be helpful. Thanx
  4. hondamx115

    innovative exhaust

    Has anyone heard of the Vortex exhaust? I saw it on a crf250 on ebay, but couldn't find it anywhere. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2005-HONDA-CRF250R-CRF-250_W0QQitemZ4584353553QQcategoryZ50001QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem If someone could give me any info that'd be great.
  5. hondamx115

    dealer cost

    Does anyone know the dealer cost of an 06?
  6. hondamx115

    2005 CRF 450R Getting Hot

    Its probably runin kinda lean. Plus that bike runs pretty hot when its sittin still.
  7. hondamx115

    450 power

    Is there any way to make the crf250 competitive in the 450 class or at least keep up with or beat a 90's cr250. Thanks
  8. hondamx115

    better handling

    I've ridden an 02 and 04 crf450 and i think they dont handle nearly as good as the 04 crf250. Is there any way to make the 450r anywhere near as light and nimble as the crf250r. Even if it was close i'd like to hear some ideas. Thanks