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  1. YELZ400

    Z400 Timing Chain Noise Stock

    i have the same problem with my cam chain. but i dont no how the stock tensioner works. some one told me that you had to start it and let it run and loosen the center bolt in the tensioner for it to adjust? is that true
  2. YELZ400

    I Have A Problem

    i got in the motor a little bit and found that it was the timing chain. just got my service manual today so i will be able to start working on it. is it real time consuming to out the timing chain on?
  3. YELZ400

    I Have A Problem

    when they told me that i told them not to touch it anymore i went and picked it up and now it want even start anymore. I dont know what they did. so im going to get the athena 453 big bore kit, hot cams, and new cam chain and whatever else i find i need when i dig into the motor
  4. YELZ400

    Suzuki I Have A Problem

    I Took My 03 Z400 To The Shop To Get The Valves Adjusted Because I Started Getting A Loud Ticking Noise. The Guy At The Shop Told Me That The Motor Was Blown And The Valves Were Fine. Because I Only Had 60 Pounds Of Compression The Only Thing Is It Runs Just As Strong As The Day I Bought It. I Think The Guy At The Shop Was A Dummy Anyone Have Any Ideas On Way May Be Going On?