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  1. Lewisclarke

    Starter Continuity

    Thanks. Will continue with my work. Learning slowly.
  2. Lewisclarke

    Starter Continuity

    Do both brushes on a 2005 450X have continuity to the terminal post? Thanks, Lewis
  3. Lewisclarke

    Mechanic Recommendations...

    Thanks for the reply and the tip. KM is a nice place to ride, if you like single track through the forest and meadows. A bit over-ridden, but they have some folks who give back to the sport, and work hard at keeping the place open and in good shape. Spark arrestors are a must.
  4. Lewisclarke

    Mechanic Recommendations...

    Possibly an engine rebuild. The bike quit after some loud metal noise. Shavings in the oil filter and larger, thick toe-nail-sized, pieces in the motor oil reservoir area on the left side. Soomething made the timing chaing jump a tooth or two. I am not quite sure how to get the fly wheel off to look at the timing chain gear. The valves are spot-on spec and the cam shaft gear did not move. Piston still moves.
  5. Lewisclarke

    Mechanic Recommendations...

    Anyone here want to recommend a mechanic? I live in the San Jose area and have a CRF 250X that just experienced what seems like major engine malfunction while 2 miles down Rattlesnake Trail at Kennedy/Troy Meadows. Oil filter full of metal shavings. Larger pieces of metal in the oil case area. Timing chain has moved a tooth or two. Also, anyone purchase a manual for repair? Or have a site where I can read about removing the flywheel? I'd like to see if a gear tooth has been removed from the timing chain gear, or possibly where all the metal came from. Thanks- Lewis-
  6. Lewisclarke

    Mechanic Recommendations...

    I posted a thread in General Topics that is asking for mechanic recommendations in the San Jose, CA area. Please respond there, if you know a good mechanic. Thanks, Lewis-
  7. Lewisclarke

    Valve Clearance

    Those gaps are much too big. Something seems amiss. I thought bikes got harder to start as the valves closed. Yours should be rattling around, making all sorts of noise. Do not force anything. That's the idea of 'slight drag'. There is a great post for checking and adjusting your valves on this site. Check it out.
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in the San Jose, CA area? I have a few Hondas and currently do some repairs, but would like a expert for some repairs. Anyone? I currently use Peninsula Honda/Ducati. I suggest the creators of TT might include a place where people can insert their ZIP code and see if any people in their area have had good experiences with a mechanic. This is a feature that has worked well for me regarding automobiles using the Car Talk website. Thanks, Lewis-
  9. Lewisclarke

    Need help radiator guards!!!! q's about rooster vs flatland

    Flatlands on both my 450X and 250X. I ride woods and desert. Plastic fins are in the recycle bin. Have only overheated once during extreme sections when I couldn't move fast enough to out run a snail. Flatlands are the way to go. Strong when you need them. My $.25. Lewis-
  10. Lewisclarke

    KTM 300 Seized

    As far as 'this type of riding'... We ride a lot in the desert and there are dry lakes that just beg for high speed tucks. I've had a 250X, 450X, '88 YZ 250, CR500 all wide open for a couple runs across parts of the dry lake with no problem. I'm not too sure about how I personally ride the throttle, but it just seemed odd since it was such a nice, new ride. Will be sure too let him know about the 'kill switch' technique. Thanks for the ideas. Martin- PS: Just got a 950 KTM Adventurer that I'd like to have on that dry lake for just one flat-out run! My Nissan Titan did very well.
  11. Lewisclarke

    KTM 300 Seized

    Wouldn't the cylinder be fed with gas/oil to lubricate if you didn't pull in the clutch as the piston is still going up and down through the stroke? Less gas, but at least some?
  12. Lewisclarke

    KTM 300 Seized

    My buddy just seized his '07 300. Is this at all common? He was doing 80+ across a dry lake and after he let the throttle off to slow down, the bike just died and slowly came to a halt. He was unable to budge the kick-starter after that. KTM said they would help a little with parts, but not shipping or labor. Familiar? Thanks- Martin-
  13. Lewisclarke

    Need Right Radiator, Taco's anyone?

    Radiator repair is cheap compared to a new radiator. The work is excellent. Try that.
  14. Lewisclarke

    ? Valve...Fix.

    Thanks. I get the idea that the higher-performance bikes need higher maintainence. Do I run the bike until I get to zero clearance with no shim at all? Your suggestion for new valves, when I get them? Intake and exhuast and regrind the seats? Is there a post similar to the "How to adjust your valves" by Heckler, that shows how to remove/reinstall the head? Thanks. Lewis-
  15. Lewisclarke

    ? Valve...Fix.

    Bike running well. Stock except for protection add-ons. Rejetted the bike according to JD. 3000-6000 ft. Opened up the airbox to 4"x4" Did nothing else. Start the bike up. Runs well. Sounds strong. Kickstarter doesn't seem to be disengaging. Take it to the shop. The find some damage in the right case that seems to be from ??? Fix it best they can, short of putting on new case. Take bike for a ride. No noise. Runs well. Then... Take bike to Kennedy Meadows last weekend. 7000'. 30º-60º. Bike will not start unless push-started. Then runs strong, but won't start if left for over 10 minutes. Starter or kick. Get bike home and find all valves at spec. except right-intake. Way too tight. Have 185 shim in there. Put in 162 to get to .005 gap spec. Bike starts right up at home in San Jose at 70º temp. outside. What do you think is wrong? Remedy? I figure take off head and check for valve or seat damage. Maybe titanium coating on valve has been eroded and needed smaller shim to be able to close. Is there a valve 'seat' that could have gone bad? Valve guide? Ride it until she blows? This seems to be possibly too costly. No more than 200 hours on bike. Lots of air and oil filter changes. _________________