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  1. well the deal on the bike fell through, but not before i ordered a set of points and new condenser. if someone wants a tune-up kit, email me at The points were $7 plus ship, and the condenser was $12.50 plus ship. Looking for $20 shipped priority mail. I also have a new manual for the 73-2000 small single xr/xl models. i no longer need this as i ended up picking up a bw80 (ding, ding, ding, ding)
  2. thanks for the heads up. i've got a set of points on the way so i can get it running. i'll probably worry about other things, just like to know what to look for as there are often great steals on ebay. Hopefully I don't need a new condenser, bikebandit is the only place i can find those.
  3. Just so I can be on the look for post '92 parts on ebay, what all is required for the swap? Heres my list so far: flywheel stator stepped woodruff key wire harness cdi module Seems like I could use the stock coil. Am I missing everything, or is there something there i don't need?
  4. I'm pretty simple, but I like pimento cheese and spinach on wheat bread. Best easy sandwich ever. That or the classic PB&J. I'm a sandwich guy I guess.
  5. Yeah, maybe I'll do that. I think the condsenser and new points will only set me back a 20 spot. The tires look pretty good, at least on the rear. Those are pretty cheap, too, especially when you mount them yourself. Good idea on just saving the bread though. I haven't got the bike yet, so who knows what kind of little puzzles there are to be fixed or repaired. Thats almost half the fun right there.
  6. I've searched and seen brief mention of the conversion from points to a CDI from a newer model. I'm picking up a 91 xr80 this weekend that sounds like it needs new points. I'm wondering if I should just convert to CDI to begin with, instead of replacing points, condenser etc.. Any info or links to thread would be great. I searched around buy didn't come up with any substanital facts/info. Thanks Ryan
  7. You'll need the whole front end: Upper/Lower triples trees Steering stem Fork Tubes/sliders I think the bearings and races are the same "cage" style as the 50. The stock upper clamp really blows on the 70 IMO. The fork tubes are actually bolted to the clamp, instead of being "pinched" on the sides of the tubes, allowing for small adjustments to rake angle and ride height. Pick up a set of BBR damping rods while you're at it to give you a real 5" fork travel. Good luck
  8. Yes, they are Sikk Toys MX parts. I bought a triple clamp from them. Quick shipping
  9. Vernier calipers? has some common overbore sizes listed in their online catalog.
  10. Yes, the trans and clutch use the same oil that is pumped into the cylinder and head. Thats why it is very important not to use oils with 'friction modifiers'. Most like mobil 1 full synth, although I've read that it is also appropriate to break in an engine on real oil. 10w40 is also the agreed weight. good luck
  11. I've seen a couple pictures of bikes running 2 master links, instead of a cutting a new chain down to fit with only 1. Is this advisable? I'm thinking it might be OK since these bikes aren't exactly chainsnapping beasts like a 450.
  12. What is the total length of the BBR spring?
  14. If you read closely, thats THREE payments of $416.66!! Not so great deal...
  15. yeah, ISO is a quality standards certification. Those measurement would help a ton. Thanks!