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  1. togo54

    KLX650 forks

    I bought a set of what I believe to be 1996 KLX650R forks a number of years ago with the intent of swapping them into my KLR650. Problem is....I have two sets of KLX650 triple trees. Well....I've aged a few years and I'll be darned if I can remember which set of trees came with the forks. As said before, I "believe" these are KLX650R forks. My question is....is there a way to visually tell the difference between KLX650R and KLX650C forks? Not the triples...just the forks. Thanks, Tom
  2. togo54

    KLX650R forks into....

    Due to the overwhelming response to this post, I've come to the conclusion that this fork swap is not possible:) Anybody in the market for a set of "very nice" '96 KLX650R forks? I also have a set of KLX650R triple trees and a KLX650C upper tree.
  3. togo54

    KLX650R forks into....

    ....KLR650. Probably been asked a million times (I may have even asked myself) but....aside from the obvious steering stem issue, do any of you folks around here know of a caliper/wheel combo that will bolt up to the KLX forks and still retain a speedo option? I have KLX650C trees so mounting the gauge cluster won't be anything more than a little fab work. It's the caliper/wheel/speedo combo that has kept this project on hold for the last year and a half. TIA Tom
  4. togo54

    lacing a new rim question

    I recently built a 17" front wheel (first time ever) and found this article to quite helpful: http://www.dansmc.com/spokewheels.htm I used this inexpensive stand: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MOTORCYCLE-WHEEL-BALANCING-STAND-TRUING_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQitemZ330100273805QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW I already had an articulated magnetic mounted dial indicator and was able to true the wheel to within 15/1000". Patience is the key. YMMV...Tom
  5. togo54

    klr650 tire sizes that will fit

    Smaller than stock but they'll still work.
  6. togo54

    KLR650 SuperStreetard How To?

    Could probably fit a 140 but considering that the stock 130 rear is actually designed to fit on a 3" wide rim (the stock rim is 2.5" wide) I'll stick with the 130. Oh...and so far I love the 761's.
  7. togo54

    KLR650 SuperStreetard How To?

    I bought a rim and spokes and laced them to a KLR600 hub myself.
  8. togo54

    klr650 tire sizes that will fit

    YES they will
  9. togo54

    KLR650 SuperStreetard How To?

    My '06 KLR650 with 2.50x17" rims front and rear. Kenda K761 130/80x17" rear and 120/90x17" K761 front. KLX650 USD forks for my KLR is my next project (have the forks...awaiting delivery of the triple trees). By no means a motard project. Sure makes twisties a breeze compared to the 21" front:)
  10. togo54


    Kenda 761's mounted. 130/80x17 on the rear and 12/90x17 up front. Jeff...Washing machine went tits up 2 weeks ago....just dumped a grand into a new one. Spare rim is on the backburner for now:(
  11. togo54


    Thanks Jeff. Did 65mph indicated by GPS today and the front end felt no different than running the stock 21" front. Was just kinda weird seeing the front tire wobble as much as it was. Any problem with me paypaling you again for the same rim/spoke combo (klr650 front hub....17x2.50" rim)?
  12. togo54


    OK. I trued my front rim to within 15/1000" (pretty true if do I say so myself). Mounted a 120/90x17 K761 on the rim and the tire has about 3/16" lateral runout measured at the widest part of the tire. A bad tire? Contact the vendor about a replacement? Or just run the tire and not worry about it (no rubbing issues)? TIA again, Tom
  13. togo54

    XR650L rim help

    http://buchananspokes.com/ can fix your friend up
  14. Just curious as to what the front axle diameter is. In the near future I will be adapting a set of USD forks and triple trees from a '94 KLX650C to my '06 KLR650. TIA, Tom
  15. togo54


    Thanks bud...expect another rim order within the next couple of weeks. My goal is to have two sets of wheels...one set for slab and the other for logging/fire roads.