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    hot and smoking

    ok I need your thoughts 89 xr250 wisco piston (hi comp) first oversize carb set: needel one gruve up, 135 main jet fmf exaust elevation 1000ft when bike is cool it runs like a champ Very responsive and pulls like a train no smoke after 20 minuts of riding (not killing it but hard riding) bike starts to get hot and starts to smoke and get a little lazy go back to truck and let it sit for 20minuts and cool and it is back to Very responsive and pulls like a train no smoke piston and cylinder are fairly fresh any thoughts thanks
  2. if this is any benifit why dont the pros do it they take advantage of every thing they can
  3. stupid aol is all I have set up thanks any way
  4. 89 xr250 is what size mine is I would defently clean your carb very good the tquork spec is only 17 ft bl? seams low but I dont rember at all
  5. Going through exactly the same thing right now I have narowed it down to the head gasket (I hope) all valves and piston are good and the head gasket looked bad All I need is the head bolt tquork and I can put back together any help would be nice then I can tell you if that might be your proublem