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  1. hatrabbit

    '85 XR100 forks special tool

    Hi… I'm disassembling the forks on an '85 XR100. On one side the spring tension of the assembled fork was enough to keep the damper rod from spinning and the allen bolt on the bottom of the fork came right out. But on the other side the damper rod just spins inside the fork leg. I'd like to make a tool to back up the damper rod, but looking down the fork tube I can't tell what would be the right end to put on it. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hatrabbit

    CR125 Plastics question

    I was just given an '88 CR125. The radiator shrouds attach to the tank with bolts which screw into anchors recessed into the tank. I need to remove the shrouds but the bolts are frozen in the anchors, which just turn in their recesses and don't unscrew. After a little research online it sounds like this is a known issue... has anyone here dealt with this? What's the solution, other than ripping the anchors out of the tank?
  3. hatrabbit

    Mikuni pumper setup question

    Hello... I installed a Mikuni TM36-50 on my XR400 and am happy with it. I've pretty much figured out that I should run the accelerator pump start screw all the way in, but haven't touched the screw that limits the pump's stroke. Currently it only pumps about 5/16" down. Can those of you who run this carb tell me how far your acc. pump strokes? Also, any other setup tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. What's the hot tip for extending the life of the NiCad battery pack commonly used with the baja kits? Should it be left on a trickle charger all the time, or recharged periodically between rides?
  5. hatrabbit

    XR400 cold start

    Last year I bought a '97 XR400 that was NEW... as in, the original owner rode it once on the street for 9 miles and put it away until I got it. I loved everything about it, except that starting it cold could be frustrating. 30 to 40 kicks was not unusual. When warm, though, it was one or two kicks. Searching online, I found out lots of people have trouble cold starting the XR400, and have lots of advice on how to do it. After much experimentation mine now starts cold on the first or second kick, here's what I have to say about it: For me, the whole problem came down to 2 things, jetting and starting procedure. I already knew the valves were adjusted because I checked that when I got the bike, and I knew the compression was good because the thing was new. This bike had the Honda power-up kit, consisting of a #60 slow jet, #160 main, fatter needle, and the more open exhaust tip. The airbox snorkel was also removed. Well, I found out that the '96-'97 bikes came jetted much richer than those '98 and later, the power-up jetting was actually leaner than stock for those years. I went back to the stock #62 & #162 jets, which Clymer says is recommended for the exhaust setup I was running. As for procedure, every piece of advice I've read recommends pulling the comp. release and kicking the bike over several times before starting. I found out my bike does not like this. Mine will only behave if I follow the factory procedure: gas on, choke up, NO throttle, TDC, and kick. Fattening the idle mixture screw 3/4-1 turn out fine tuned it so now it's like every other bike I've owned, just start it & ride. I didn't make any big changes, but I guess the XR400 carb is just very sensitive. Everyone says they're a piece of crap and to get a flat slide carb, but after dialing mine in I say it's fine.
  6. hatrabbit

    1975 Honda Mini Trail

    Here's a cool link, it shows all the Honda models and what colors they came in & model year features, etc... http://100megsfree4.com/honda/
  7. ...around Orange County, CA? I'm restoring an old bike and have a box of parts I need chromed. Also, about what do they charge these days? Thanks.
  8. hatrabbit

    Decompression question

    I've got an XR400, the first 4 stroke single I've owned and there are a few things I'm not familiar with. The bike runs with or without the decomp lever pulled in... it shouldn't, should it? Per the manual I checked free play at the lever and found none. Even when it's adjusted all the way in there's still none. When I removed the cable from the engine, i found the lever on the head doesn't stop positively against a stop, the bottom of its travel in kind of mushy. Do you guys who ride XR400's think this sounds like a problem? Thanks
  9. hatrabbit

    Starting issues

    Last year I got a CA street plated '97 XR400 that was NEW (9 miles on it). After cleaning out the fuel system it's a great virgin bike. I haven't ridden it enough to have dialed in the starting procedure, a couple of times out I had to kick it a hundred friggin' times but after warm it ran perfect. I'm looking for what starting rituals you all use. Thanks. PS... It's been jetted bigger, the baffle taken out of the spark arrestor, had the snorkel removed and has a UNI filter.
  10. hatrabbit

    '75 Dt125

    Hey all... just got a '75 DT125, it's not running. I'll have to order a manual for it, but in the meantime can anyone tell me the tune up specs? Any info greatly appreciated. Also, what oil is best to run in the crankcase?
  11. Hello... I want to replace the top clamp on my '97 XR400 with one that has the handlebar mounts rubber mounted. Does anyone know if I could use one from a stock bike (older CR or the like) which would fit my bike and have the rubber mounted bar clamps? Thanks