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  1. dust off that old collection. anyone have the 1980 Cycle World sept issue in their collection? i'm looking for a scan of a road test of the 1980 KZ 1000 -G (first fuel injection bike sold in US). thanks for looking
  2. here's another plug for R & R Powersports in Effingham, IL. We just picked up a black 250 Ninja (Kawasaki's best selling model--and extremely hard to find)for the bro-in-law yesterday. it was worth the drive (260 miles round trip)as all the local dealers are in a gouging mood . the bro-in-law was OTD under $3700. local dealer was 4200, peoria was 4300. kiss my ass Sportland!! most any dealer getting these in are charging over 5 grand now. Thanks Ted and Randy, i'll be seeing you when its time for MY new bike.
  3. gnfreak

    Kicked off Bike while starting..

    bro-in-laws then my 1976 yamaha xt500 sure did make us sore until we figured out the starting "sequence". no busted legs or flying over the bars but sore feet(i think we were still wearing our Converse All-Stars at the time)
  4. picked up a blue 2008 ninja 250 today from R & R Powersports in Effingham. i highly recommend them. 200 bux cheaper than World of Power in Decatur, and 550 cheaper than my local dealer Sportland in Bloomington (they had a blue one in 2 weeks ago and didnt want to deal.....they wont see me again!!!). Other estimates were 4300 from Grayboy in Peoria and 4350 from RTR (i think) up by Lasalle-Peru. Don't ya just love dealer gouging.We had to go to Charleston to get the kids stuff from EIU anyway so this worked out great. Gary the owner made the transaction smooth and painless and Randy the service manager ran thru all the details of the baby Ninja. took a small test drive when we got back home and man this thing is fun. makes the xr600 seem like a dinosaur. that e-button is sooooooooooo nice! R & R is a suzuki dealer too and i forgot to ask about a DRZ 400 SM. may be time for this old man to get something modern. I know a few places that i DONT need to visit! Cheers.
  5. gnfreak

    What tire should run? 75% street 25% dirt

    ive got this one for sale cheap http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=32548&cat=34
  6. gnfreak

    Great Honda video

    "What part of "Honda" dont you sh*t-for-brains understand?" LOVE IT i saw this clip after my Dallas Cowboys lost-- The Downfall of the Dallas Cowboys-- had to laugh
  7. math check anyone?? numbers are rounded up or down to make chart look nice Indicated Speed Actual Speed 35................................30 46................................40 57................................50 69................................60 80................................70 91................................80
  8. ok so ive got a BD analog speedometer and a 18" front wheel on my xr600r. the speedo is setup for the 21" stocker. am i 86% (18/21) off on the high side? do i need to know the diameter of both setups or is this getting too technical? before everyone tells me to go digital, i gotta spend the gov rebate check on other things (kids college tuition and home improvements among other things) so the bike is very low priority. i just want to put some marks on the speedos face for my reference speeds for now. if no replies i'll get the wife to drive a couple of set speeds in her SUV this weekend to figure it out.
  9. gnfreak

    Buying European XRR Rear Foot pegs?

    thanks earl. that covers the shipping but how do you actually find the parts to order? is there a website similar to servicehonda over there??
  10. gnfreak

    Buying European XRR Rear Foot pegs?

    awhile back after i discovered that honda made a fmx 650 for europe i tried to figure out how to get parts from europe. never had any luck. wish i knew someone over there. if you ever find out how to do it make sure you post it. we cant be the only two people wanting to do this.
  11. like the long title sez... looking for a starter bike for the kid. he loves the new styling of the little ninja. who can give a good recommendation for a dealer who will work with you. i've already ruled out the local shop and a couple of others in the area. Man i hate to be talked down to. willing to travel for a good deal. Bro in law is getting one too.
  12. gnfreak

    Passenger Pegs

    any pics with these on a bike??
  13. gnfreak

    my almost-supermoto xr600 almost done

    well, got a couple days and a few miles on it before it got cold out. no snow yet but soon. it's a blast to ride. let my kid try it out and he came back grinning. maybe he will change his mind about a crotch rocket and want to ride this instead. then i'll have to explain to the wife why i need a new bike!! good luck on getting your 400 going.
  14. gnfreak

    my almost-supermoto xr600 almost done

    hey martinfan, ballpark figure is $600. could have been cheaper if i would have done more work myself or settled for cheaper tires. had to buy 5 new spokes for the back and had the rim trued before new tire was installed. the tires are avon road riders am26 on stock size rims(2.15 x 18in). look on page 1 for more details. back tire required NO weights. the service tech said that doesnt happen ofter. the brace was on it when i bought it. hey foolish mortal, did you go with a 45T on the back sprocket? thats what i'm considering. i've got a 15T up front. and the panels just have vinyl on them. thats how i bought it 2 years ago. i think i can get into LOTS of trouble with this thing now!!!