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    DR 350 Primary gear woes

    Whenever I was riding my 1996 DR 350 it made a bit of a scraping sound. The sound would go away when I engaged the clutch. I heard lot's of theories and such and finally tore it apart last night. The primary gear assembly (Do hickey that holds the clutch plates and is geared on the opposite side) has bad spots on it. In four places it looks chewed up. I can't find any extra metal crud in the engine. When I am looking at parts there are two part number choices for my bike (Plain old 96' DR 350). Any ideas how to choose the correct part number? Any ideas where to get used parts? Thanks for your time
  2. Steelejeep

    Bash Plate & disc guards

    I put the Flatland skid plate on my 525 and was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to remove it to change the oil. As you will learn changing the oil on the 525 is a big pain (compared to my other bikes). Make sure whatever skid plate you choose doesn't interfere with draining the oil. Great bike! have fun!
  3. Steelejeep

    After 2nd gear it is done shifting

    I haven't dropped it or worked on anythig differen't. Thanks for the hint.
  4. Steelejeep

    After 2nd gear it is done shifting

    Looks like a good Resource. Thank You. If anyone else has any ideas; I am exploring all options. Regards, Steele
  5. Steelejeep

    After 2nd gear it is done shifting

    1996 DR 350. A couple of weeks ago my DR started making what I would describe as a "scraping sound". When I pulled in the clutch the "scraping sound" would stop. I checked the clutch and everything was in order. Rather quickly the bike stopped shifting above second gear. The shifter feels vague above second. Took it to dealer and he told me the bike was too old to have him fix it (cost verses bike worth). He told me I should give it a go myself. I have changed out the clutch on it and other maintenance items. I do have the factory repair manual. Can someone please give me advise on where to start and what to look for. Any and all thoughts appreciated and considered. Regards, Steele
  6. Steelejeep

    Graduating to a KTM

    I have been happy that I put a small heat shield on where the header pipe meets the muffler. The one I got was a small plastic one that my KTM dealer had from KTM. I am the only one of all my friends who doesn't have melted pants. I also installed a dial to adjust my fuel screw on the carb. Have yet to use it, but know I will be pleased that I won't have slide the carb sideways. My enduro engineering "bark busters" turned out to be too fragile in my opinion. The threads for the brackets stripped easily. I eventually drilled them out and used bolts w/ nuts. I have been very happy that I put on a skid plate. I live in the Rockies and the skid plate has taken a beating. Messy unless you remove it for oil changes however. Have Fun! Steele