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  1. but ull find u might be able 2 ride the next gear up with the lower gearing setting. it will give it that extra down low 2 be able 2 lug it abit out of corners
  2. thanks guys for the help. ta
  3. and dose any 1 have any feed back on the drd full system on the kx250f. stainless.
  4. do u loose much top end ... coz the local track i race at, i strech out 5th gear and feel like i need 2 click for an other i just dont wanna be valve bouncing down the straight.. lol coz i was thinking of going 2 49 for the 48 on my 08 kx250f. but was sure .. how much diffrent will it make at top speed .. should be to much is it ?
  5. really i would have thought for sure.
  6. by the way its on a kx250f 2008
  7. im buying a drd pipe just wondering if any 1 has had 2 jet 1 of these just so i can get a base idea when i do mine... please help.
  8. i recked the muffler... so i only need the slip on .. but i may buy the full system.. it depends on price.
  9. hey guys i distroyed my stock pipe on the weekend just wondering if any one has some input or feed back on the Dr.D pipes or any other pipes for that matter i got no clue on what one to choose but i need 1 soon.. ps i dont really wanna spend alot of money, but theres no point in rebuying stock. id probly rather more low/mid power.
  10. hey guys i got a kx250f 08 and i dinted my muffler on the weekend. wondering what pipes u guys could recoment.. ? at a decent price ... what do u guys think of the Dr.D? basicly im just looking for bang for buck.. im not worryed about weight..
  11. dose the pipe improve it much im looking for a new pipe i ****ed my racing on the weekend.
  12. uglyst grips iv ever seen :|
  13. no worrys thanks mate so u reckon the michelin or pirelli's .. do u know how many hours u get on these tyres ?
  14. hey guys im from australia and wondering what tyres u find last the longest on mid/hard pack sufaces's but still give u good grip .. im sick of ripping knobs off ! and rounding off and wearing off real fast. but i still want decent grip... HELP please.
  15. new zealand isnt apart of australia u f--kin dumb ass ! and i have a broken wrist atm and little time i just slap my post together.