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  1. Puddingking

    Need some help pricing stuff.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Puddingking

    Need some help pricing stuff.

    What is fair market value for a used 03 kicker motor minus carb? Ran great but right side cover has small crack and JB weld repair and leaky water pump. Front and rear wheels with sprocket and rotors in good shape? Frame with clear title? Subframe? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Puddingking

    So I have these 2 DRZ's sitting here...

    I don't know. That kind of stuff is what I am trying to find out. I tried selling the kicker whole but no takers. I just put up an add in the classifieds. I'm sure some folks around here could use some parts. BTW, don't have the RMZ450 yet. Pondering a WR or the Honda 450X. I'm getting old and the e-start sure is nice I'm finding out.
  4. Puddingking

    So I have these 2 DRZ's sitting here...

    We don't have much for "woods" out here in the desert. I'll be picking up a RMZ in this weekend for desert riding. Problem is the kicker DRZ seems to be worth more in parts than whole at this point. I'll post up everything for sale here though for sure! Just got off the phone with MRD and got my pipe ordered up. I think I spoke with Dave. Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction than that. Based on my limited dealings with the "goodguys" around here, I just might have to load up my new scooters and haul them up to Denver to get them worked over by that one guy that a few people seem to like around here! I just checked, it's only about 12 hours from Phoenix! Anyways, back to my original question, anything else to swap over or save from the old scooter?
  5. One is well used but well taken care of 03 kicker and the other is a shiney, new, black 09 SM. I'm parting out the kicker. What parts besides the carb obviously should I save from the kicker to put on the SM? Ignition, airbox,???. What parts should I save to have as spares? Thanks in advance, Jeff
  6. Puddingking

    Sons first try at a STOPPIE!

    Nice stoppie but you must be an incredibly accomplished rider if you have the balls to ride a machine like that with no helmet.. You could have been seriously injured or killed. J/K Nice pic
  7. Puddingking

    Ktm fork guards

    Thanks. Do you think it might go easier on a kicker model?
  8. Puddingking

    Ktm fork guards

    Does any body know the part # for Ktm fork guards that will work on a DRZ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Puddingking

    DRZ RM parts interchange

    Does any body know what parts and from what year RM will fit on a DRZ. Mainly looking for suspension parts and aftermarket triple clamps. Would also like to use RM rear wheel if swing arm will work. Thanks in advance.
  10. Puddingking

    kick start light upgrades

    I cant seem to find any upgraded headlights for kick start models. Anybody out there know any ticks or products to improve the lighting situation?
  11. I have a 03 drz400. The hole on the top of the airbox, from the factory is 3.25''x3.75''. Stock headpipe, FMF powercore 4 with spark arrestor. I had a 165 mainjet laying around, put it in and set fuel screw to 2.5 turns out. I am almost happy with it, but I think there is more in it. Alt. I ride at is 1200 feet. Any suggestions? thanks