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  1. zookiman

    DR650 engine life expectancy

    1998 DR650 just turned over 45000. Not one problem. Most reliable bike I've ever owned.
  2. zookiman

    Top speeds acheivable

    110 indicated 98 DR650se bone stock 197lb rider. 50mpg Love it. Ride the river bottoms all morning and rip 70miles oneway to work at 80 plus mph. Do my time and repeat. 140 miles a day round trip. Who says the DR is no good for long distance? GS this! I gotcha 950 right hea! And I only paid 3500 fer it with 1200 miles. Huh! DRs are like fine wine they get better with age. 44000 miles and not one problem...none...most dependable bike I've ever owned. DR=dependable ride 650=torque/fun. As Emmit Brown said in Back to the Future "Roads where we're going we don't need roads".