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  1. I am snowed in here in the Bend area and we have had a lot of snow and cold. Anyone out there been riding in Oregon. I am not too thrilled with Dunes riding on the coast but other than that I would go just about anywhere here in Oregon. Tim
  2. I have not seen if anyone is riding today on Sun? Seems like it would be great with the recent rain? I know it is last minute at 9:45am but thought I would give it a shot. Tim
  3. What is the ballpark time? Which staging area? The only one I am familier with is the on at the end of China Hat Rd and then down the dirt road quite a ways to the spot off the road on the left? Tim
  4. Anyone riding China Hat Tommorow? Would like to hook up with some fellow riders. A lot more fun with more than one and safer as well. Tim
  5. I am interested in knowing where to ride up in the hills close to Florence. I am not a big dune rider but know people who love it. I am just more suited to cow trailin. Thanks for the info, Tim
  6. How Bout a KX 500?
  7. Anyone riding in central oregon tommorow on Sun? I doubt if the little bit of rain we received on Fri. is going to hold. Maybe we will get some tonight. Tim
  8. aaron, I posted a reply and could not log back in as I have been out of town for a couple weeks. I do not believe I am the elusive KTM rider as my MXC is not set up for Dual Sport, Yet. I have eclusively been riding offroad. Does sound interesting though. Tim
  9. Hey Guys, Do you have room for one more. I know where the coffee shop is that you guys are meeting at and I have one 525MXC steed that is a little ticked that I have not ridden her much lately. I am new to the site, so I do not know much about the computer lingo and such. But I do know how to twist the throttle! The only thing that would preclude me from going is a the national TT in Castle Rock, WA that I may attend. I would really appreciate and enjoy meeting new riders. Tim Bend KTM 525 MXC Yamaha WR-450 Kawasaki KDX 220-R Kawasaki KX-500