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  1. I am snowed in here in the Bend area and we have had a lot of snow and cold. Anyone out there been riding in Oregon. I am not too thrilled with Dunes riding on the coast but other than that I would go just about anywhere here in Oregon. Tim
  2. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    I have not seen if anyone is riding today on Sun? Seems like it would be great with the recent rain? I know it is last minute at 9:45am but thought I would give it a shot. Tim
  3. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    What is the ballpark time? Which staging area? The only one I am familier with is the on at the end of China Hat Rd and then down the dirt road quite a ways to the spot off the road on the left? Tim
  4. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Anyone riding China Hat Tommorow? Would like to hook up with some fellow riders. A lot more fun with more than one and safer as well. Tim
  5. I am interested in knowing where to ride up in the hills close to Florence. I am not a big dune rider but know people who love it. I am just more suited to cow trailin. Thanks for the info, Tim
  6. timrose

    XR650R top end compared to a XR650L

    How Bout a KX 500?
  7. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Anyone riding in central oregon tommorow on Sun? I doubt if the little bit of rain we received on Fri. is going to hold. Maybe we will get some tonight. Tim
  8. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    aaron, I posted a reply and could not log back in as I have been out of town for a couple weeks. I do not believe I am the elusive KTM rider as my MXC is not set up for Dual Sport, Yet. I have eclusively been riding offroad. Does sound interesting though. Tim
  9. timrose

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Hey Guys, Do you have room for one more. I know where the coffee shop is that you guys are meeting at and I have one 525MXC steed that is a little ticked that I have not ridden her much lately. I am new to the site, so I do not know much about the computer lingo and such. But I do know how to twist the throttle! The only thing that would preclude me from going is a the national TT in Castle Rock, WA that I may attend. I would really appreciate and enjoy meeting new riders. Tim Bend KTM 525 MXC Yamaha WR-450 Kawasaki KDX 220-R Kawasaki KX-500