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  1. Dan the man

    Vor 400

    If the timing is wrong it will be very hard to start. If you could start the bike with the electric starter it seems to me that it fires up pretty easy. I agree with twinshocker, check the mechanic. Dan
  2. Dan the man

    Vor 400

    Hi It must be something wrong when the woodruff key brakes. If the mechanic says that everything is assambled correctly but the woodruff key have broken 3 times then i think it´s time for a second opinion at another mechanic. - Is the "spline" on the crankshaft or/and the flywheel (where the woodruff key is supposed to fit)OK. - the tightening torque for the flywheelnut is 80 nm, I don´t know in lbs By any means fix the flywheel and I´m sure that the bike will start and run. God luck !!!