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  1. dataturtle

    newbie say hello and info required

    Ok, my fault How can it rev out faster through the top end? What does this little switch do? I have asked this question in another thread.
  2. dataturtle

    newbie say hello and info required

    Why would the engine rev out more if the switch is disconnected?
  3. dataturtle

    High Compression Piston Kit...

    I am thinking on changing carburator, put in a better camshaft and high compression piston kit. I haven't decided yet if I want to do that or change bike :-) I would really like some extra hp in the low end. I also want to point out that if you do something like this you need to service your engine more often, then it should not be any problems to make it last. Change oil et cetera.
  4. dataturtle

    Strange electric switch on my carburator

    This is an original stock carburator to DR650SE. My question, mostly out of curiosity, is what the small switch is for that gets enabled if I give full throttle? Positioned at the throttle wire on the carburator.
  5. dataturtle

    Handlebar risers

    Of course when I send my new thread away I got a tip from a friend about 25 mm risers that also move it forward If my image have been correctly inserted above, this is what I meant with my previous post. They are quite expensive (100 $) - but one question remains: Does anyone have experience with this kind of risers on a DR?
  6. dataturtle

    Handlebar risers

    I am trying to find handlebar risers to my DR650SE -96. One that not only rise the handlebar but also moves it a bit forward. Because usually when you add handlebar risers it will also move the handlebar closer to the driver because the fork has an angle. My goal is to rise the handlebar straight upwards and not up and forward. Have anyone seen stock risers like that or do I have to try to build something myself? I also searched here in the forum on how high you can rise without replacing the original cabels - I only found one post that someone had rised 1,5 inches or 35 mm. Any other experiences in the area?
  7. dataturtle

    full throttle problems

    I run on 95 octane.. And I think that the oil pressure thing might be the reason, I had some excess oil in the airfilter box. I will try to keep better track on the amount of oil in my bike, and not fill it too much.
  8. dataturtle

    full throttle problems

    Well.. if you drive around for an hour or so, the helmet is covered with smashed insects.. It depends on where you are driving - big roads usually no problems - small roads alot of insects (especially in the evenings). But if you drive with your mouth open you don't need an evening meal The worst is that the motorbike season is quite limited if you don't like cold weather.. I usually stop driving when the temperature goes below 10 degrees C.
  9. dataturtle

    full throttle problems

    This problem, or something similar, happens to me as well on my DR650SE-96. It only happens when I accelerate and give everything I have, usually when i shift to second gear (sometimes third). I haven't found any errors or why this happens. It might be too much oil? I have recently changed the oil myself and the oil level have always been too high in the inspection window. Unfortionately I don't have more time this year to test the bike. Up here in the cold Sweden it's starting to get really cold I am not planning to drive through winter - so next test period starts in six months
  10. dataturtle

    Modified Tool Box on DR650SE?

    Have anyone done modifications to the toolbox on a DR650SE. Made if bigger for example? If so does anyone have any nice pictures? It is not that big for standard. My plan is to make it bigger so that I don't have to carry heavy tools/parts in my bag on the luggage rack. Maybe cut a big pipe and mount it as replacement... Saw some really nice modifications on two BMW 650 GS this summer where they have built a big toolbox on the right side when an aftermarket slip on was mounted on the left side. //Andreas