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  1. 450_vet

    2010 YZ450F Dr.D or Yoshimura

    Totally different bike I know, but I had a Dr.D on my 2009 KX250f and it didn't do anything. I actually liked my stock pipe better and put it back on. Go with the Yosh! And if you do, come back and post how you like it, because I'm considering buying a leftover 2010 YZ450f for next season.
  2. 450_vet

    250f Starting Issues / Won't run

    It wasn't obvious to me, because the stator wasn't loose on the cover, the connections looked fine, I did have spark, and once in a great while it would even start for a couple seconds. I did not test the system with a voltage meter though. Prior to replacing the stator, I made sure I had the less expensive and obvious things out of the way first... I drained and replaced all fuel, I cleaned and rebuilt the carb with a rebuild kit, checked float level, etc., verified the hot start was functioning correctly, and verified that valve clearances were in spec. Based on research elsewhere I decided to try the stator as my next option, and I found an aftermarket one on eBay that saved me over $100 vs. typical dealer OEM replacement. Not sure if this is a known issue with the KX250f, since this is my first one, and actually my first 250f after having three 450s, but I talked to a guy who went through two stators on his YZ250f also, so it's not completely uncommon I guess.
  3. 450_vet

    250f Starting Issues / Won't run

    The final fix was replacing the stator. Thanks to everybody for your input.
  4. 450_vet

    250f Starting Issues / Won't run

    Flywheel sensor was fine as well as the float level in the carb. Any possibility it is a bad stator or ignition issue? Once again, it starts but won't remain running with the hot start pulled completely open and choke off.
  5. 450_vet

    250f Starting Issues / Won't run

    Have a 2009 KX 250f, and here's the background... Bike was a little hard to start once in awhile, esp. when hot, so I checked valve clearance, and they were still in spec. Bolted everything back up and bike ran fine on three separate occasions for a total of about 3 hours, until one lap when it started to pop a lot on decel, and then finally died a few minutes later. Couldn't start it after that. I took the carb off and cleaned out all the jets, which already looked fine, and verfied the hot start wasn't sticking, and threw in a new spark plug. The bike started, and I took it around the house for a short run and it ran strong, but then died when I pulled into the garage. Next day couldn't get it to start at all, UNLESS the hot start lever was pulled completely and the choke was OFF, and even then, it won't run for more than a few seconds, even when giving it gas. Any ideas? I've never seen a bike that will only start when the hot start lever is pulled when the bike is cold, and yet won't stay running with the hot start open nor with it closed? It doesn't want to fire at all when the hot start isn't pulled open. All the jets are stock, and it has a stock exhaust.
  6. 450_vet

    RM-Z 450 Step Seats

    Since I'm only 5'10", I cut my original seat since it already has one of the highest seat heights of the 450s. You can see what it looks like in my bike's profile pic... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=5110
  7. 450_vet

    Motosport Outlet

    I ordered about 1000 bucks worth of stuff over the last month from motosport, and tons of things were on back order...including a front Dunlop 756. I finally cancelled that part of the order, and bought it at a local place (for a few more bucks)
  8. Has anybody else ordered anything from East Coast Wheels? I placed an order on 3/27/06 online, and never received the items, nor received any confirmation of the transaction via email, although I've got the HTML page after my order was accepted. When I call their customer service number, an automated repsonse says they're closed (that's this week so far). Last week, and the week before that, the message said they're busy and will call you back if you leave a message. They still haven't!!!! :thumbsup: Does anybody know any other place where you can order single spokes without buying an entire wheel spoke kit??? (Dealer can't get them)
  9. 450_vet

    where to buy single spokes ???

    Thanks for the link !!!
  10. I'm looking for a place to buy SINGLE spokes and/or spoke nipple combos. I have an '05 RMZ 450 that has Excel rims stock, but I can't find anything but full-wheel spoke sets to buy, and my local Suzuki dealer says they can only get full wheel sets to sell from Suzuki. Anybody know where to buy single spokes??
  11. Quote: The problem with this is that Reed is NOT 3rd best. He my be 3rd place as far as speed goes, however, currently he's sitting on the top due to being 1st place in consistency. That's a huge part of racing. Seems like a lot of people want to deny that consistency is part of racing, but you are wrong. Knwoing when to ride smart is part of being a professional. Bubba can be first as far as speed is concerned, but his consistency suX! That's why he's not leading the points, and neither is RC. Wrong... RC has been just as consistent as Reed... the ONLY reason he's down in points now is because of a mechanical, NOT because of inconsistent riding.
  12. Yes, it needs changing now because it doesn't even apply to four-stroke technology. CR and JS were running two-strokes at the time.
  13. 450_vet

    Ralph Shaheen has no clue:

    Glad I'm not the only one who hates the announcing (but still appreciates the TV airtime)... Denny as a former racer at least knows what's going on out there, but you can tell even HE IS annoyed when dumbass Ralph makes his idiotic clueless comments. And the 'driver' comment by Krista made me scream at the TV - she shouldn't be there until she learns something about the sport.
  14. I'm glad the races are on TV, but yes, the announcers (Denny is OK) do suck... and get rid of Krista Voda - she asks stupid questions, and when she called the riders drivers at the Vancouver race, I had to yell out loud at my TV!!
  15. 450_vet

    Rear shock Linkage - and rebuild

    I'm trying to remedy the bike's sometimes bad behavior of swapping or kicking wildly on sharp acceleration bumps or high-speed G-outs. Has anybody replaced their shock linkage with any aftermarket ones? I see the '06 has a new linkage to try to help with this. I'm planning on getting some shock work done as well - any suggestions are appreciated. I know a guy that had his done by RG3 and likes it so far.