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  1. Its not being labelled as a newbie he needs to worry about so a reminder of what its all about.
  2. The problem isn't with the bike being loud since there are many motor sports that make a lot of noise and venues don't get closed down because of it. The issue is probably more to do with the responsibility of certain riders and certain people that open tracks in areas with a residential area right next door. Just becuase you own a bit of land doesn't give you a right to do whatever you want with it. Maybe you should start a new thread because this isn't really the place for that discussion. Thanks
  3. You got it!
  4. Cool video, how much does that set up cost and where can I get one?
  5. I take it you mean a spare set of valves, er no, I've left the engine pretty much stock. I think there is more than enough power for most people. I wouldn't want to kill anyone
  6. I totally see your point but you still said you would like to have it, thanks.
  7. Sorry, tickets not yet available but watch this space!
  8. Fair comment! I'm not trying to make a million bucks from this, just... ...cover all costs X amount to a good cause (does anyone know of a charity for injured riders?) small profit for my time... ...so the more cash someone would be prepared to throw at this, the greater the chance of winning will be.
  9. Thanks dude!
  10. No of tickets depends on what people will pay. Thanks for the input
  11. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY??? ...for a chance to win this 2006 CRF450R? http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j276/gl3ny/DSCN3780.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j276/gl3ny/DSCN3768.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j276/gl3ny/DSCN3814.jpg $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 Comments about the bike welcome too!
  12. Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the education guys!
  13. Burned, please can you help me again. Its seems I have been really messing up here. I tried to follow your sticky for the pilot jet circuit and mistook it for the MJ's in my JD kit so I need to start again. I am going to go back to the 180 MJ and blue needle in clip 4. Then bike on stand I am going to determine my pilot circuit, starting by turning the fuel screw 1 3/4 turns out. Ok, I have been turning the screw in to lean out the circuit and nothing has happened. Should I have turned it out to find the peak if I could not notice any change by turning it in? Therefore if I find a peak when going past 2 turns out I would need a bigger pilot jet? Is this correct? If so, what size pilot jet would you recomend? My PJ is stock at the moment. Sorry to be a pain in the butt!
  14. With a bike on the stand, in neutral and jetted correctly, is it normal to experience off idle bog?