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  1. Damone..membership is not tax deductible BUT all donations after that are! Penton.. it's worse when there's ice on top! Joe..I will see you out there somewhere I'm sure!
  2. This should be a sticky somewhere...If you ride..get involved. Memebership for AMA, BRC, D-36 all shows support for YOUR sport and helps to save our trails. Donate..it's a tax deduction!!!!!
  3. Tie to the subframe under the seat with a tie down attached there and then to the trailer below...use the bikes rear suspension to keep tension in the strap by pushing down on seat area and pulling strap tight..
  4. I had my 9X20 trailer sprayed with Line X over the plywood...works great!
  5. Thanks...not quite done. It was a mad three weeks to get it ready to pull out of the driveway today...will do more when it comes back home:thumbsup:
  6. Thanks! Looking for a 196 on the bike and 320's in the car....zoom zoom The Line X is basically a shower pan so we can hose the salt out in 3 weeks:thumbsup:
  7. Have you ever been inside a box trailer when it's 110 out side and zero shade? The door is for the illusion of any chance cooling effect...that and I can always make it into a taco truck later!
  8. Should have posted here..but here goes.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810587
  9. Some more pics..here's the curbside door closed and from the interior. Some race numbers for the upcoming event
  10. Holy crap..don't ask!!! The flooring was 1400 The FRP material, special ordered from Texas and dropped shipped to my door was 700 The cabinets/counter top and work stations were around 3000 I fabricated countless bits, pieces and parts. ...plus countless trips to hardware store and bags of bolts sprinkled about. I have all stainless bolts,washers and aviation lock nuts for E track.. Trailer was/is brand new..about 5 miles on it..I doubled the cost with interior changes. It replaces our POS Weekend Warrior bent frame, leaky turd! I have some more pics and stuff to do...has to wait..trailer gets loaded right now and is off to Bonneville for Speedweek! Yes..I finished it today too:busted:
  11. 20' car hauler beavertail started out as a standard plywood box. Here's the overall view...has an added 54" side door on drivers side. I had the floor coated by local Line-X guy. I added a 4" high curbing made of 3/8" ply and filled all the holes/sanded the deck Next was covering the plywood with FRP. That's the commercial grade fiberglass panel..this is the smooth wall type. You can spray paint on the walls and use carb cleaner to wipe off. Puncture resistant too! Also added some cabinets from Moduline, light weight and super strong aluminium cabs!!! Also added a fold down work bench and not seen in the pic is the door mounted work station. E-track for the walls is on and not installed yet is the full length E track for the floors. I added some low voltage circuits and some line voltage ones too. Generator is going into a tongue box in the very near future..Now I can haul as many bikes as I care for and still get a modest race car inside! It's plain Jane on the outside and secret lab on the inside. I can pressure wash floor, walls and cabinets..total capacity after changes..6500lbs:thumbsup:
  12. Well, now that you brought it up I have beeen looking for a heard of fainting goats for weed control.
  13. CRAP!!! Looks like a shiat load of fun..Sorry I missed it. Oh...God willing and the creeks don't rise....I'M BACK!
  14. Hey..Nice to see you out there Uber!