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  1. Michael Lueders

    Shop talk

    Nope..building a new shop and now have 400 plus miles of OHV right from front door. That' is my "retirement plan" 😉
  2. Michael Lueders

    Shop talk

    3200 square feet main shop and office and toilet with additionally another 1600 square feet detached...used to have a motocross and enduro track out the back door. Sold it all...
  3. Michael Lueders

    Shop talk

    Front half of shop as viewed from office window.
  4. Michael Lueders

    Return of YamahaGinger

  5. Michael Lueders

    Bishop, Mammoth, Owens Valley area riders?

    Thanks Gflo..my buddy is doing all the trail layout and flagging for that ride. Nice routes..kinda looking for someone to ride locally as a safety. The areas around here don't suffer fools gladly with plenty of real hazards..mine shafts for one, snakes for another. Solo riding any long distance can be hazardous to your long term health. I should add that my friend lives elsewhere and is not over here on an on going basis. 😉
  6. Been gone from riding for a while and just moved to Bishop and looking to get on the trail. Used to do a LOT of riding but some issues kept me out of the saddle almost 8 years now....feeling rusty. Plated and non- plated bikes. Looking for like minded riders. Thanks!
  7. Michael Lueders

    Gnarly Single track...

    Damone..membership is not tax deductible BUT all donations after that are! Penton.. it's worse when there's ice on top! Joe..I will see you out there somewhere I'm sure!
  8. Michael Lueders

    Gnarly Single track...

    This should be a sticky somewhere...If you ride..get involved. Memebership for AMA, BRC, D-36 all shows support for YOUR sport and helps to save our trails. Donate..it's a tax deduction!!!!!
  9. Tie to the subframe under the seat with a tie down attached there and then to the trailer below...use the bikes rear suspension to keep tension in the strap by pushing down on seat area and pulling strap tight..
  10. I had my 9X20 trailer sprayed with Line X over the plywood...works great!
  11. Michael Lueders

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Thanks...not quite done. It was a mad three weeks to get it ready to pull out of the driveway today...will do more when it comes back home:thumbsup:
  12. Michael Lueders

    My converted box trailer..short story of pics

    Thanks! Looking for a 196 on the bike and 320's in the car....zoom zoom The Line X is basically a shower pan so we can hose the salt out in 3 weeks:thumbsup:
  13. Michael Lueders

    My converted box trailer..short story of pics

    Have you ever been inside a box trailer when it's 110 out side and zero shade? The door is for the illusion of any chance cooling effect...that and I can always make it into a taco truck later!
  14. Michael Lueders

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Should have posted here..but here goes.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810587