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  1. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

  2. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Who makes the vented number plate on Ricky's bike?

    It's custom made for him, they cut it out around his number. But www.cycra.com has some nice vented number plates.
  3. Steve-RMZ450-716

    '05 Long Term?

    No problems here, looks and runs great. Just change the oil like every 2 or 3 rides and air filter. I raced alot this year in the winter and spring, I'm taking it easier during the summer, it's too hot. Going to do a night race this weekend! Can't wait. Here's a pic http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h58/stevekmma/2006_0117Bass0064.jpg
  4. Steve-RMZ450-716

    brian deegan

    His FMX Sponsors asked him to pull out after he hurt his ankle in practice at Hangtown. At least that's what Pingree told me at Cahuilla about a month ago. We rode at Competative Edge a couple of weeks before that and Deegan was out there racing with us and he got 3rd in the open pro class. He wasn't nearly as quick as he used to be but still had skills. I went up and talked to him for a little while and he was totally pumped about racing again, bummer for him he had to pull out. Here's a pic from that day: http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h58/stevekmma/Deegan.jpg
  5. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Sunstar? WTF?

    Team Sobe Samsung Honda runs SunStar as well.
  6. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    Well I think once Langston is healthy and Townley has a few races under his belt Villipoto won't be winning as much.
  7. Steve-RMZ450-716

    ASV Inventions

    I have the pro model, it's great. I have small hands too and they are adjustable so you can make them come closer to the bar.
  8. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Reed ----> honda rider

    You guys need to get over yourselves, if a guy stalled his bike and came back and caught you after you had a huge lead you wouldn't want to talk to anyone either. I'm so sick of people like you talking so much Get a life and stop worrying about a guy whos got 100 times more talent, 10000times more work ethic and a hotter chick than you needle I'm not even a huge Reed fan but guys like you are rediculous. I'm done.
  9. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Alloy riding gear

    The Reason they are selling it so cheap is because they(alloy) went out of business a couple of months ago. I don't know why, they make a good looking product.
  10. Steve-RMZ450-716

    What energy drink do you DRINK??

    For hangovers I drink more beer, or a bloody mary.
  11. Steve-RMZ450-716

    What energy drink do you DRINK??

    Cytomax, water, bananas good to go.
  12. Steve-RMZ450-716


    I think I saw some on Rockymountainmc.com
  13. Steve-RMZ450-716

    Your motocross Music?

    Led Zeppelin, Pennywise, White Zombie(the old stuff), Slightly Stoopid.
  14. Steve-RMZ450-716


    Hey guys, well this weekend was dismal for me. I raced at Racetown at the VetX race and the first moto I stalled the bike in the 3rd or 4th turn and spent half the moto trying to get the thing started. For a while now i've been contemplating going back to the 2-stroke because at 5'6" I have always had trouble starting the bike and I have missed the 2-stroke for a long time now. I think I am going to be selling my bike or trading it in for an RM 250, so my question is I bought my RMZ-450 about a year ago and I financed it through Suzuki but I also financed all of my gear, knee braces exhaust etc. so I still owe about $7000 on my suzuki card. What are my options, I am going to be purchasing a 50 for my son soon and I thought about going in and trading in my RMZ for an RM 250 and a DRZ 50 and see what they could do. But a friend of mine really wants to buy my bike but I don't know how that would work since it's not paid off and I don't even have the title for it. Any ideas?
  15. Steve-RMZ450-716

    chaparral-racing no good to order from

    Chaparral can eat they are suck heads, I've met like 2 guys there that are actually cool. Besides the salesmen but they have to be. Sucks because their prices are good but I hate going there, I never order from them and I avoid going there as much as possible. But it does suck because they can get away with it because so many people still go there, I go in there and there's ing cholos looking to buy their Vieja's some fox cloths. Don't get me wrong I love latin Women, my wife is mexican. Just don't want to catch any flack about being a racist, just was making a point about everybody and their mom goes to that place. Try going to the parking lot sale they have once a year, there's a line around the block and nowhere to park within a mile. I hope that place burns down.