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  1. You can also use propylene glycol in wiper fluid, it is a good de-icer and probably easier to get in CA because it doesn't emit VOC's
  2. Your best bet is to take it to a dedicated hitch shop. We have several around here. They are cheaper than the dealer because it is what they do ALL DAY LONG. They will also stand behind their work, and may, unlike the dealer, have more than one option.
  3. Chevy fan??? hardly...I owned one chevy over 20 years ago. Are you really going to tell me the older 466's are junk? I'm not bashing on the Cummins, everyone knows they build a good engine. I am simply saying the brainwashing you have been given (by yourself or others) is obvious.
  4. US market F150s are built in the US last I knew. All of the ones around here come from KC, MO plant.
  5. We aren't talking about Cummins and Izuzu in heavy equipment...we are talking about the engines they put into Dodge and Chevy pick ups. So yes, they are debateable, as they all have their fair shair of problems/weak points. And besides that, I think Izuzu has a pretty damn good reputation worldwide for their truck, industrial, and marine engines. I'm not a big fan of the newer Internationals, mainly due to lousy electronics, but the older DT 466s were pretty much indestructable with none of the electronic gremlins the newer ones have. I would take a mid-late 90s 466 over pretty much any diesel ever made as far as reliability.
  6. The engines itself are debateable, but when it comes to the rest of the truck, I think the Chebby wins hands down.
  7. Last I knew, all of Fords 150s and 250s were still built in the states and Canada. It was just some of the smaller cars and suvs that were built in Mexico. While that could have changed, I don't know that it has. Around here, most of the 150s come from Kansas City and the 250s from Kentucky.
  8. I'm amazed at how many newer Rams I see that are rusting out. At first I figured it was probably a bad repair job on one, but I have seen close to a dozen mid-late 2000s Rams with A LOT of rust.
  9. urlosin

    Winterset Play Ride!

    Saw the flyer on FB...definitely planning on going!
  10. urlosin

    Central Iowa Riders

    I would be happy to go with you, just know going in that I'm old (40 this year), out of shape (at least a shape that would be described as "physically fit"), I have bad shoulders, and a bad knee...so my speed level is not exactly "lightnin"...but I always have fun. I usually go to either Tama or Ft. Dodge. It looks like Ft. Dodge is getting ready to open the rest of their park if they haven't already. Council Bluffs is ok...but usually under water. I have spent a lot of time down at Bussey, but not lately. I usually ride by myself. P.M. me if you think you can hang!
  11. urlosin

    Updates on Reed

    ...and fans. I went from jumping out of my seat to being almost sick to my stomach I was so let down. On a side note...broke four ribs myself...not cracked, but broke, not lined up at all etc...worst pain ever in the history of pain...they started out just cracked...then I tried to help one of my drivers move some hose and almost fell to my knees when they "popped out of place"...no sleeping, laughing and sneezing (especially sneezing) made me want to cry like a baby!!! I can see riding with cracked ribs, but completly broken...hard to believe and very dangerous to have jagged bones possibly tearing stuff up.
  12. urlosin

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    Custom made...I found the images and sent them. They were very reasonable and easy to work with. http://www.factorygraphx.com/
  13. urlosin

    Alessi get the Hell out of the way!

    Or a kill switch that they use to cut the engine on the face of a big triple??? I'm sure that would end the problem one way or another!
  14. urlosin

    fake drinking on podium?

    You're kidding right??? Mr. Pot...can I introduce you to Mr. Kettle?
  15. urlosin

    Supercross & Drug Testing(WADA)

    I'm working on my WADA credentials right now for me and 5 of my friends!